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Insurance or maintenance?

Knowing just how far the cover goes is one of the most important things to consider with insurance. Knowing what can and can’t be covered means you can better prepare and plan for the unforeseen. In general, insurance is there to protect you from the unforeseeable events beyond your control. Learn more

The best ways to save on insurance

At Initio we’ve worked hard to have some of best rates in the market for rental property and holiday home insurance. As well as offering competitive pricing, the cover is tailored to tenanted properties so that you can be sure to have the correct amount of cover. There have been… Learn more

Choosing the right tenant for your property

Choosing the right tenant for your property Choosing who you have living in your property can be one of the most stressful parts of being a landlord. Your property may have  lot of your own time, effort, and finance in to getting your property just right, and having a “bad… Learn more

Insure your own home on Initio

More options online with Initio Here at Initio, we’re all about making insurance affordable and easy to manage, which is why you can now insure your own home and contents online with Initio! This is an exclusive offer, only available to customers of Initio who currently insure their Rental Property(s)… Learn more

Tips to help protect your Rental Property

Being a landlord comes with unique benefits and advantages. However, there are also risks with having tenants or guests stay in your property. To best protect yourself and your property, it’s important to know where to look and who to trust. In most cases, you can learn the most from… Learn more

Landmark Court ruling means landlords (and their insurers) cannot recover damage costs from tenants

A landmark Court of Appeal ruling means landlords are now unable to recover the cost of any damage accidentally caused by tenants AMI Insurance had been attempting to recover a $216,413.28 repair bill since March 2009, after a house it had insured was gutted by fire when a pot of… Learn more

P Lab Contamination could rival leaky homes losses

The New Zealand Herald has recently put the spotlight on a major issue affecting houses all over the country, P Labs. Homeowners are forking out millions of dollars to decontaminate P-riddled properties in a crisis that could rival the leaky homes disaster. In the worst cases, contaminated houses are destroyed. Learn more

Replacement Contents cover now available

Initio is pleased to announce that replacement contents insurance cover is available online.  This means NEW for OLD replacement of your property’s contents.   When you use our quote calculator to obtain a premium for your property you will also be given the choice of increasing your contents insurance cover… Learn more

Improving Holiday Home & Rental Property Security

Burglary prevention is as equally important for holiday homeowners and landlords, as it is for one’s own personal residence.  Burglary is not just about having your contents stolen; there is also the damage that thieves can cause trying to gain access to the property. Holiday homes are particularly vulnerable as… Learn more