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A first for online insurance in New Zealand

Theres no other New Zealand website like this.  Initio allows you to quote on, purchase and manage your insurances online. Buying rental property insurance online could not be easier.  More importantly if you need to make any changes or a claim you can manage the whole process yourself.  Better still… Learn more

Big Plans for initio

initio is all set for its launch on 01 November 2010.  The first website of its kind to in New Zealand.  We have big plans for initio.  Rental Properties are just the start, join us and keep up to date with future insurance product releases. Learn more

Initio set to go live on 01 November 2010

initio launches its rental property insurance site on 01 November 2010.  Be here for excellent cover and sharp premiums.  initio – an online insurance revolution in New Zealand.  The online site where you can manage your own insurances online.  No phone calls… no paperwork… Learn more