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As a landlord am I liable to my tenant for damage to their contents, resulting from a fire caused by my heater

Our initial reaction is no, you are not liable to your tenant.  But as there is an entire set of legal principles that underpin the determination of liability (in this case a landlord to its tenant), its unfortunately not that straightforward.  In this scenario it would appear that unless the tenant can prove that you knew the heater was faulty or that you used the wrong type of heater for the job then it is unlikely that the tenant (or their insurer) can hold you liable for their loss.  Our advice is that you shouldn’t be rushing to take responsibility for this.  There is a process and a sometimes a cost involved in determining liability between parties and that’s why it is important that you have a robust rental property insurance policy with landlords liability cover, which means that your insurer (like initio) will step in to represent and protect you.

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