Heard about TINZ?

T.I.N.Z. is New Zealand’s largest tenancy database. If you’re a landlord and you’re self managing your rental properties, you need to join T.I.N.Z. If you’re a property manager, you probably already know how useful the Tenancy Information NZ database is. Once you have registered with T.I.N.Z. (free for NZPIF members) you can perform a comprehensive check on prospective tenants, as well as lodging tenancy ratings for outgoing tenants.

The comprehensive tenancy and credit check, checks in real time drawing data from over 15 databases including:

  • Tenancy Information NZ – tenant ratings, Tenancy Tribunal orders, 14 day notices, verbal/physical abuse warnings, drug abuse warnings, dangerous dog warnings and tenant photos from other members
  • Ministry of Justice – Tenancy Tribunal orders
  • Dun & Bradstreet credit checks
  • C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group
  • Home Ownership records
  • LTNZ Drivers License national database
  • Ministry of Justice – Criminal Fines
  • Personal Property & Securities Register.
  • Department of Internal Affairs NZ Passport verification’s
  • Personal Character Check – Facebook, Companies Office, Police 10/7, Interpol, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Google, etc.

Once registered you also received great benefits including:

  • Duplicated Tenancy Agreements and all tenancy forms.
  • FREE rental property advertising on Houses To Rent.
  • Recovery of Tenancy debt.
  • Recommended trades people and services for your area.
  • Subscription to the TINZ monthly newsletter.