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  • Means a traditional residential rental property.
    Means multiple residential units or flats under the same roof
    Means a holiday home or your own home that you intend on using personally but is also rented out to short term tenants. Your own possessions are kept at the home.
    Means a traditional holiday home or bach that you use personally. You may also let the property to friends and family.
    Means a property that has been setup purely as a commercial enterprise for short term tenancies. You do not intend on using this property personally. If you do intend on using this property personally select "holiday home that's also rented out".
    Means your own personal property which you live in.

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Get the cover you need as a property owner.
Some of the automatic benefits of our policy include:

Deliberate damage by your tenant $25,000
Loss of rent (following loss) $20,000
Your Contents (present day value) $20,000
Your liability as a property owner $2,000,000
Fencing, walls, decking, paving etc Replacement

Summary of policy only. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of cover.
Loss of rents & contents cover can be upgraded as required

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