How to: Burglary Claim

Burglary is a dreadful crime, it’s intrusive, emotional and darned well annoying.  It’s also one of the reasons you’ve got home and contents insurance, relax, we’re here to help.  Sometimes burglary results in damage to the house, as well as stolen contents – rest assured, with Initio you’ll only pay one excess.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Call the police and report the crime.
  2. If your house is unsecure or unsafe, get a local professional to rectify this.  We’ll work through the costs together later – safety first.
  3. Take photos (preferably before anything is fixed, but we understand if this isn’t possible)
  4. Put together a list of stolen items with approximate ages and replacement quotes if you can.
  5. If your home was damaged by the perpetrator, get a quote for any building or decorating work needed.
  6. Log in to your dashboard on the Initio website and click on Make a Claim, fill in the form and send us the photos, list of stolen items and repair/replacement quotes. We’ll email or call you within 1 business day.


  • Do I need to provide receipts for everything I’m claiming for?

We may ask for some proof of purchase (receipts, photos etc) but don’t worry about that now, just complete steps 1-6 and we’ll let you know if we need anything further.

  • Can I replace my stolen contents straight away?

Yes, just be aware that we may not be able to reimburse you for the full replacement cost, depending on your specific contents cover and the age of the items etc.  If you would like to take this opportunity to upgrade certain items that’s OK, we can reimburse you for the acceptable claim cost and you can use this as a contribution towards your upgraded item.

  • Will initio send an assessor to look before I fix or move anything?

Assessors are not normally required for burglary claims, unless your whole house has been cleared out!  And even then, you don’t have to wait for an assessor, to complete urgent repairs like smashed windows and doors.

  • Can I use my own repairer / supplier or do Initio have approved companies that I must use?

You can use any repairer or supplier you like.  So long as their costs are reasonable and you are happy with the standard of work then we’re happy.

  • What is my excess?

This amount is chosen by you when you buy the insurance, if you can’t remember, just check your policy schedule (you’ll find this document on your dashboard).

“All claims are different and they are assessed on their own merits and facts. The above does not imply a guaranteed approach to all such claims”

These two burglers are too cute, but the act of burglary is not! Initio Insurance provides cover for your home and contents.