How to: Glass Claim

Your initio house insurance policy covers the cost to fix broken glass, but your excess will apply.

IMPORTANT:  If your house is unsecure, unsafe or vulnerable to more damage, get a professional to make the house livable and we’ll work through the costs together later.

After ensuring the house is secure and everyone is safe, here’s what to do:

  1. Take a photo of the broken glass.
  2. Get a quote to repair the damage.
  3. Log in to your dashboard on the initio website and click on make a claim
  4. Fill in the form and send us the photo and quote.
  5. We’ll email or call you within 1 business day.


  • Can I get the glass fixed before I claim?

Yes you can, once your claim is accepted we will reimburse you for all reasonable costs over your excess.

  • Can I use my own repairer or do Initio have approved repairers that I must use?

You can use any repairer you like.  So long as their costs are reasonable and you are happy with the standard of work, then we’re happy.

“All claims are different and they are assessed on their own merits and facts. The above does not imply a guaranteed approach to all such claims”

An accidental knee through a door saw this Initio customer with a hefty bill for replacement glass and a callout fee during the holiday period.  Initio were able to reimburse the customer, straight into their bank account.