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Describe your property

My Own Home

Your own home is your primary residence which you live in. You may live in the home alone, with family or with flatmates. The home could be owned by you personally, by a trust, a company, or in partnership with someone else.

My Own Home, Partially Rented

This is entirely your own personal residence used by you and your family, from which you also rent a room, sleepout, or part of the home to paying guests or boarders. You may use a platform like AirBnb or Bookabach to get your guests, or it might be that you have longer term boarders.

My Own Home, Sometimes Fully Rented

This is your own personal residence that you live in, but sometimes, you rent out the entire home to short term paying guest (eg through Bookabach or Airbnb). Your personal contents remain at the home.

Rental Property

A rental property is a residential house occupied by long term tenants. It is expected that the tenants will remain in the home for more than 90 days. If rent is not paid because the home is occupied by an employee or a member of your extended family, it is still classed as a rental property.

Multi Unit Rental Property

A multi unit rental property is multiple, attached residential units or flats. The units will all be under the same roof, owned by the same person or entity, and occupied by long term tenants.

Holiday Home

A holiday home is house or bach that is your secondary residence which you intend to use personally for family holidays. It may also be used by friends and family, but it is not advertised for rent or used by people not personally known to you.

Holiday Home thats Rented Out

holiday home thats rented out, is house or bach that you intend to use personally for family holidays. It is also advertised for rent to short term tenants (via sites such as bookabach or airbnb) and is used by people not personally known to you. It could also be your own home which you, may or may not vacate, to allow short term tenants to stay in your home.

Dedicated Short-Stay Rental House

A dedicated short stay property is a house that has been setup purely as a commercial enterprise for short term tenancies. You have no intention of personally staying in this property.