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How to: Storm Damage

If your home is damaged in a storm, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure everyone is safe
  2. Take photos of the damage
  3. Get a quote to repair the home and replace any damaged contents
  4. If the house is wet inside, call a professional drying company such as ChemDry or JAE and get them to install commercial dryers and blowers as soon as possible.  They’ll also know if carpets need to be uplifted, walls opened and insulation removed etc.

Log in to your dashboard on the Initio website and click on Make a Claim, fill in the form and send us the photos and quotes.  We’ll email or call you within 1 business day.


Will Initio send an assessor?

An assessor will only be appointed if the damage looks to be over $8,000 and you require assistance.

Can I use any repairer or supplier, or do Initio have approved companies that I must use?

You can use any repairer or supplier you like.  So long as their costs are reasonable and you are happy with the standard of work, then we’re happy.

What is my excess?

This amount is chosen by you when you buy the insurance, if you can’t remember, just check your policy schedule (you’ll find this document on your dashboard).