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Guide to making changes to your cover

Initio, the first insuretech company in New Zealand to provide instant online house insurance, has given even more control to customers by launching another NZ first, Live Policy.

What does this mean for you?

You can now change various parts of your insurance cover. In addition to being able to update the insured name and interested party, you can now make changes to the property type, replacement value, contents cover, excess, and loss of rents. The additional premium or refund will be instantly displayed. Confirmation will be emailed to you as soon as you accept the change. Meaning no more anxiously waiting for your insurer to respond to your request and confirm cover.

How does it work?

To make a change to your policy, log in to your initio dashboard and select the “Make a Change” button from the right-hand side action menu.

Click on the “Cover” button to make the change to your policy.

You can make more than one change at once. Each time you make a change, the premium will recalculate and show you how much more (or less) it will cost. The premium is calculated through to when the policy is due for renewal. If you change your mind, just cancel the transaction and no changes will be made. If you want to proceed with the change, click confirm and pay the additional premium (or confirm the refund). Your alteration takes effect immediately and an updated schedule of insurance will be emailed to you. A current certificate of insurance will be available to open on your dashboard.