Are you ready for the upcoming Healthy Homes deadline?

For any new tenancy agreement signed after 01 July 2021 your property will legally have to comply with all five Healthy Homes Standards within the first 90 days.

To keep on top of things here’s a reminder of what the changes mean, and what’s required.

The changes

Any new or renewed tenancy (whether it’s fixed term or periodic) in effect after 01 July 2021 has just 90 days to be fully compliant with Healthy Homes. For example, if new tenants move in on 01 July, you’ll have until 01 October to make the necessary changes.

Does your rental meet the five standards?

Heating Standard

At least one built-in heater capable of heating the main living room to 18°C or more.

  • Some types of heaters that are unhealthy, too energy inefficient or unaffordable to run won’t meet the requirements.
Insulation Standard

Meet minimum requirements for insulation levels in ceilings and under-floors. Levels required depend on what part of the country the property is in (zone 1, 2 or 3).

  • Insulation installed before 01 July 2016 acceptable under 2008 standards, and
  • Insulation installed after 01 July 2016 acceptable under current, post 2016 thickness levels.

Learn more about the different levels for the three zones here.

Ventilation Standard

An extractor fan that vents to the outside (not another room), in all kitchens & bathrooms. They also need to meet some performance and size levels.

Open-able ventilation (like windows) to the outside in all liveable parts of the house. Size of windows is more than 5% compared to the size of the room they are in.

Drainage and Moisture Standard

Able to manage and drain normal rainfall levels. This includes working gutters, downpipes and drains for water flow.

  • Houses with a closed off sub-floor (area beneath flooring) need a barricade to stop water flowing in, where feasible.
Draught Standard (air-type)

Air tight with no gaps that cause noticeable airflow into the house.

  • Unused fireplaces are airtight, unless there’s an agreement with tenants otherwise.

What’s the penalty?

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to make a start. If you don’t comply and there’s tenants living in the property, you’re at risk of getting a penalty of up to $4,000 (per property). Anyone can claim a breach, including your tenants. If you haven’t already, the time’s now to make the changes to avoid future problems with your tenants.

Please Note: This is simply a summary of the five standards. To get the full details and piece of mind, we recommend going to the official Tenancy Services’ Guide.