Two dwellings at the same property

Cover for your home, contents and the additional space, granny flat, or unit you own that’s on the same property and shares the same title?
Let’s help you choose the right policy or policies for your situation.

So at your own property (where you usually live) you have a second unit or dwelling and the following applies:

  • You have two dwellings or units on the same property,
  • These two dwellings share the same title
  • You live in one of the dwellings
  • The other dwelling is self-contained (meaning it has its own kitchen, bathroom and somewhere to sleep)

If this isn’t you then it sounds like you need something more bespoke – sorry we wont be able to help.

If the second unit/dwelling is not self contained (eg its a sleepout and doesn’t have a toilet or cooking facilities) then you’ll just need one policy and you don’t need to read on.

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