Insurance for Multi-Unit Rental Properties

Comprehensive insurance for multi-unit properties or a block of flats — all on a single landlord insurance policy.

It’s New Zealand’s easiest all-in-one cover for the building itself and the landlord risks.

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Multi Unit Rental Insurance

Initio knows multi-unit property insurance

We’re the only insurer in New Zealand that allow you to insure your block of units online. Our multi-unit rental policy provides cover for the important events like fires, earthquakes and floods. The policy also provides protection against more malicious events, including damage by your tenants, loss of rent, meth damage, theft of landlord’s contents, and landlord liability.

Endorsed by the New Zealand Property Investors Federation

Initio is the insurance provider to members of the NZPIF.  We created our multi-unit insurance policy with professional property investors in mind.

Using technology to reduce your premiums

We use technology to make insuring blocks of units easier than any other insurer in New Zealand, which lets us pass the premium savings onto you. We’re devoted to the digital experience, so that means you receive an instant certificate of insurance and the freedom to change your multi-unit policy anytime through your personalised dashboard.

Here are some of the great features of the Initio policy

Comprehensive House Insurance

Cover up to your chosen Insured Value
Excess is your choice of $400 / $650 / $1,150 / $2,000

Loss of Rent - following property damage

Covered up to 52 weeks
Rents cover from $20,000 to $80,000 per unit

Loss of Rent - Other

Eviction for non payment - 6 weeks
Vacating without notice - 6 weeks
Prevention of access - 6 weeks
(per unit)

Landlords Contents

Items under five years of age
covered for replacement
Cover from $20,000 to $60,000 for all units in total

Major Malicious Damage

Fire & Explosion covered
up to the chosen insured value

Deliberate Damage by Tenant

Covered up to $25,000 per unit

Retaining Walls

Included up to $25,000
(can be increased on request)

Methamphetamine Contamination

Covered up to $30,000 per unit
Excess $2,500

Natural Disaster

Cover up to your chosen Insured Value
Excess $5,000

Recreational Features

Swimming Pools, Spa Pools and Tennis Courts
Included up to $45,000
(can be increased on request)

Owners Legal Liability Cover

Limit of cover $2,000,000
Your chosen excess

Common questions about multi-unit insurance

It’s a collection of residential units under the same roof.  These are sometimes referred to as a block of flats or a block of units.
Work out whether your property is a multi unit or not.

Its an insurance policy that provides protection for multiple rental property units in one go. Multi-unit insurance provides cover for the entire block of units based on your selected insured value, and also provides landlord insurance benefits including loss of rent, landlord contents, deliberate damage by tenants, meth damage and more.

Yes, but only if they share a wall, a roof, or some other structure like a pergola or deck.  For example the following are multi-units:
a. two separate dwellings that are connected by a shared a carport
b. a two-storey house with one tenancy upstairs and another downstairs.
c.  a block of six flats (three on the ground floor, three on the first floor).

All of these can be insured as a multi-unit rental property.

If the houses are completely separate from one another then they will need to be insured individually as rental properties.  Initio specialises in landlord insurance / rental property insurance.  You can get a quote and insure rental properties online with initio.  More information about initio rental property insurance 

Loss of rent insurance is loss of income protection. It pays the property owner the income they would normally get if the tenant was still in the property. Loss of rent is a key element of landlords insurance, and most banks make sure the property owner has this insurance in place when they are providing a mortgage. There are two types of loss of rent, 1. loss of rent resulting from the property being damaged (eg fire) and uninhabitable. 2. loss of rent from a tenant leaving without notice, or being evicted. The initio policy provides automatic cover both with different payment limits. Learn more about loss of rents.

Yes, but only if your individual unit (or units) are not immediately next to more than one other unit that you don’t own.  For example if you own the middle unit in a block of six units we won’t be able to provide cover as your unit neighbours two other units.  We, and most insurers, take this position because if there is a major claim to the entire property there are often major arguments and delays caused due to multiple insurers trying to indemnify their customers.

Its important to insure the block for what it would cost to replace it with a new one.  You will also need to include extra things like fences, driveways, and swimming pools, and will want to add in a provision for the inflation in the cost of materials and the cost to demolish and clean up the site.

It is recommended that you use an online tool such as SumSure or obtain a valuation from a quantity surveyor such as CCC. See here for more information about a rebuild valuation.

Online replacement value calculators may not be that accurate for multi-units, so its important that you double check the numbers to ensure you are comfortable with the replacement value should there be a major loss.

Learn more about calculating insurance values here.

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Multi unit buildings in an earthquake

The Earthquake Commission has defined multi-unit buildings several ways. These are often a singular building with several dwellings within it (such as an apartment block), a mixed-usage building (such as a residential flat above a commercial warehouse), or two or more dwellings that are connected by party walls or a carport.
Learn more about how the EQC treats multi unit properties.

Landlord's fire safety checklist

As a landlord, you have obligations to ensure you’re maintaining your property to a suitable standard. This includes ensuring that it’s fire safe for renters. Learn more about fire protection at your rental property by Fire and Emergency NZ

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