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Comprehensive all-in-one rental property insurance.

Cover for the house itself, and the risks of renting to tenants. Get a quote in seconds with New Zealand’s easiest house insurance.

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What does our Landlord Insurance cover?

We include everything you need as a landlord, for no extra premium.

Loss of Rent

Up to 12 months or $20,000 following damage to your house

Deliberate Damage

Up to $25,000 for damage or theft by your tenants

Meth Contamination

$30,000 of cleaning cover, and additional loss of rent

Landlord Contents

$20,000 of standard cover, with options to increase

More of our excellent benefits


  1. Replacement Cover

    Full rebuild cover for the house, up to your replacement sum insured.

  2. Legal Liability

    $2 million legal liability costs if an accident damages other property, or people.

  3. Excess-free Blocked Pipe

    Up to $1,000 to unblock underground pipe, with no excess.

  1. Hidden Gradual Damage

    $3,000 for gradual water damage from a hidden water or waste pipe.

  2. Excess free Keys & Locks

    $1,000 of cover for replacing keys and associated locks, with no excess.

  3. Loss of Rent - Tenant Eviction or Vacation

    Six weeks of cover if tenant’s are evicted for non-payment, or abandon tenancy.

You're in control with the Initio Dashboard

  • Manage your insurance entirely online

    Every customer gets access to their own personalised dashboard login.

  • No more waiting on the phone!

    You can make changes to your policy, lodge claims, add and cancel policies or get documents all online on your smart device or computer.

New Zealand's Landlord Insurance Specialists

  • Used by the Best

    Insurance partner of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation. We insure New Zealand’s leading landlords.

  • Designed for Landlords

    Policy made specifically for landlords. We understand the cover you need, with a quick and easy platform for managing your insurance online.

Here's some of the many claims we've paid

A tenant's dog was left locked in the property.
Tenant's dog was locked in the property. The doors, walls and carpet didn't win the fight, but initio came to the rescue. We cover pet damage.
Leaking tap connection in the bathroom wrecked the vanity and particle board floor.
Leaking pipe behind the sink soaked the bathroom vanity and into the floorboards below. Tenant found the damage when their foot went through the floor. Claimed under hidden gradual damage.
Meth lab in attached garage.
Meth lab was discovered in garage. Police raided causing more damage. Initio picked up the tab for the damage, cleaning and loss of rent.
Wind storm blew over front fence
Wind storm blew the front fence over. Initio paid out for a nice, new replacement.

Here are some of the losses we don’t pay

Wooden window sills rot and needs to be replaced.
Wooden window sill rots and needs to be replaced. Wear and tear is not covered. This is a maintenance cost, and not insurable damage.
Tenants move out and leave the house untidy, including a large amount of rubbish to be disposed of...
Tenants leave your house untidy, with lots of rubbish to be removed. There is no damage, so there is no cover. Our policy covers physical damage.
Show tray leaks
Tenants leave the carpet worn, scuffs on walls and general wear throughout your house. Our policy covers outright damage to the property, not maintenance costs.
tenants hard on rental property
Shower tray leaks over time and the tenant doesn't inform the landlord about the damage. Gradual damage has to be from a hidden pipe.

This is not an exhaustive list and it doesn't imply all loss types described are covered or not. Claims are like butterflies, each unique with its own facts that we need to apply to our policy.

Why initio?

We use technology to save you time and money

100% Online

Instant online quotes in seconds, with the same approach to claims.

Support Focused

We're here to support you, not sell. Let us show you the way to better insurance.

Great Cover

We don't expect you to build your own policy. We include the things that matter, bells & whistles too.

You’re in safe hands


If disaster strikes, you’re in good hands. Initio policies are underwritten by NZI (IAG New Zealand Ltd). Standard & Poor’s have given IAG a AA- ‘Very Strong’ Financial Strength Rating.

Learn more about our financial strength rating


Common questions about landlord insurance

You’ll need to choose a replacement sum insured that’s enough to fully demolish and rebuild your house to its existing size (using today’s building costs).


If you’re unsure what the rebuild costs would be, we recommend using the Cordell SumSure Calculator to help get an estimate.


See here for our full guide on choosing your sum insured.

We do not insure body corporate or apartment units.


We are only able to provide landlord insurance as part of a residential house insurance policy where we cover the house itself, and the tenant risks.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide standalone landlord insurance cover for tenant risks.

Landlord obligations apply to our policy which includes things like reference checks, and regular inspections.


You can see the full list of landlord obligations here.


Landlord obligations only apply to tenant related losses (e.g. meth contamination, intentional tenant damage). They don’t apply to non-tenant losses. If you don’t meet the obligations, and your rental property is flooded, you’re still covered for damage and loss of rent.

Meth testing between tenancies is not required for cover, but is recommended.


If you suspect there’s meth contamination at your property; and you then get a positive test, we will cover the test and cleaning costs. You don’t have to show us a record of past tests.


To learn more on when we recommend testing for meth see here.

An excess applies to each event that causes damage, so there are circumstances where multiple excesses can apply to a claim.


This applies so that insurance doesn’t turn into a property maintenance cover. If you could group multiple events of damage under a single claim (and pay one excess), landlords could include any small piece of damage around the house into a single claim.


To make sure premiums stay low and that insurance remains affordable for the major losses, an excess applies per event. To learn more see our guide here.

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 mean you can only hold your tenant responsible in some circumstances (depending on whether the damage is accidental, careless or intentional).


For an overview of who is responsible see here.


If you have landlord insurance you are covered for damage whether it’s accidental, careless or intentional. There is no limit for accidental or careless damage caused by your tenants.


Intentional damage is covered up to $25,000. If your tenant causes  fire or explosion the cover is not limited.

It covers the lost rent you suffer when is unliveable and can’t be damaged by an insurable event.


E.g. if your house was flooded and your tenants had to move out, we would pay the rent you would otherwise would have received while your house is repaired.


Loss of rent is essential if you rely on rents to cover things like mortgage payments.


We also include loss of rent cover when your tenant is evicted for non-payment of rent, or abandons the tenancy. There’s up to six weeks cover, or until a new tenant starts paying rent.

How likely are our customers to recommend initio?

By Yiannos,
Easy to renew and cost effective
By Barrie,
Simple to set up definitely no long delays waiting for the phone to be answered and price competitive .
By Deanne,
By Peter,
By Lena,
By Lena,
By Andrew,
By Catherine,
Very easy to use online, but it's also easy to speak to a person if you need to.
By John,
By Masashi,
By Ingrid,
By Megan,
very easy sign-up procedure.
Great online service guys however have not ever claimed on any one of our policies yet, that will be a real test 😜
Great online service and premiums, however never claimed so the final test isn't passed yet 😜
Great online service, haven't to claim yet that will be your real test guys 😉
By Elsie,
The ease with which I can do this!
By kim,
easy to use yet comprehensive in info
By MurrayandJennifer,
By jacqueline,
By Gareith,
Because we're new and need to see how you go :)
By Grant,
Easy peasy!
By Robyn,
Great company easy to work with
By Trevor,
Good policy. Good price. NZPIF member discount.
By Gerald,
By Christine,
Easy and instant process - thank you
By Robert,
You're better value than the rest
By Peter,
By MurrayandJennifer,
By michael,
Good Service easy to renew, reasonable cost.
By Reagan,
This has been such an easy experience to set up the insurance and the premium is very competitive.
By Joel,
By David,
By Hitesh,
Excellent service, never experienced anything like this before!
By Nick,
By Peter,
Good value for money
By Paul,
By Andrew,
Easy to get insurance without all the usual hassle
By Frances Joy,
It is all so easy through your website. Thank you. I have not made a claim, so don't have any experience of that side of the business.
By Tania,
As mentioned previously
By Tania,
Great telephone communication and easy access to insure property. Thank you ;-)
By Brendon,
By Hendra Seno,
It is very easy to contact the customer service and they are all very knowledgeable in answering questions.
By Sharyn,
Better policy conditions
By Frances Joy,
It is all so easy - everything is available online. We have not had to make a claim so have no experience of that.
By Bruce,
By Mitchell,
Ease of use. Able to insure for gradual meth contamination.
By Craig & Robyn,
By Brent,
By Robin,
Easy affordable to use system and service
By Raymond,
By Niquita,
Easy to deal with and communicate.
By Dale,
By Lynette,
I am very happy with the premium I am paying and have found initio very good to deal with
By Neil & Margaret,
No crazy price increase from last year. Real good.
By arnold,
I don't like aig But you were suggested by GRA
By Angela,
Because property manager recommended you as best policy for landlords
By James,
Superb customer service, easy to deal with
By Jeremy,
Convenient and cost effective
By Peter,
By Pam,
Best insurance company i have ever dealt with. I tell everyone about you guys!
By Pam,
Because you guys rock
By Ali,
So easy and well priced
By Tamsin,
easy to use and good communication
By Rachel,
By Duane,
By Craig,
By Lynnette,
So easy to deal with, prompt responses - thanks!
By Annah-Maria,
Easy, efficient, pricing
By Janet,
Brilliant, fast, thank you
By Sharon,
Very easy to do and I like using the attached cordell calculator
By dong mei,
By Rochelle,
Quoting ease and responsiveness, competitive pricing and great communication on variation/questions.
By Simone,
By Ngaire,
It's easy
By Emily,
good cover, good online chat service
By Stephen,
By Roger,
No claims yet, but excellent service in setting up and renewing
By Grant,
Fast, easy process!
By Archie,
easy to use online
By Nicolaas Frans,
By Garry,
By Graham,
Ease of getting insurance sorted. Helpful website.
By Philipa,
Easy to use on-line and competitive pricing
By Peter,
Great service.
By Vicki,
Easy to use and understand insurance process
By Robin,
Ease of use
By Marivic,
Easy to navigate and fair pricing
By Liza,
By Karren,
Very easy to use
By Roger,
Convenient online insurance portal, easy quotes with various options and straight forward policy wordings for rental property insurance. Our portfolio insurer of choice for 8 years plus!
By Elizabeth,
Easy to use and to understand.
By Tom,
Convenient and streamlined online solution. Reasonably priced.
By Diane & Matthew,
Great service, so easy to insure and understand.
By Lijia,
Easy to use. Best cover for the price at the moment.
By Gregory Roberts,
By Duane,
By Andy,
This has been the easiest process in securing property insurance I have ever experienced. The premiums are also significantly more competitive than what I'm paying with my previous insurer.
By Geoff,
By John,
so far... If I have to claim and things dont work out my stars may be different.But easy logical forms and helpful additional information. Very good site.
By Ellan,
By Deborah,
Just so easy to deal with
By Mark,
Great website, easy to navigate. Competitive prices and additional benefits.
By Theo,
By Elisa,
Great to use!
By Stephen,
Easy to manage...
By Klee,
By Ian,
If i need to talk to someone on the phone i don't have to listen to on hold music for a long time. Brilliant service, keep up the good work. Regards Ian
By Laura,
Great user experience.
By Vicky,
By Cathy,
Initio is just so easy to use and the information is set out without complicated jargon!
By Azim,
By Sandra,
Easy to do online, competitive pricing and cover
By Dennis and Barbara,
Great service, ands value
By Graham,
Easy to set up and very competitive prices, some of the best on the market, will be moving our own house insurance here once it comes up for renewal.
By Lucius,
Easy renewal process
By Lucius,
Easy renewal process
By Lucius,
I am very impressed with the speed and ease of use of the renewal process.
I have moved all my house insurances to Initio. Ease of use, hassle-free.
By Janice,
Easy to do online but you won’t insure all my properties
By Christina,
By Craig & Robyn,
By Craig & Robyn,
By Ganesh,
By Carl / Jinchang,
Easy to get quote. Premium reasonable. Prompt payment of claim.
By Julianne,
easy transparent website and insurance, with reasonable premiums, lots of helpful information
By Meghan,
I've recommended your service to alot of people and had a few switch over. Looking at changing my personal home &contents to you also!
By Sharon,
Great value and super easy process!
By Ian,
By Denise,
Good value insurance, easy to understand policy, and appreciate the good customer service
By Michael,
By Nicholas,
Price and service
By mark,
By Timothy,
Easy as to deal with. Fast communication
By Gordon,
Easy online system, they processed a small claim with no hassles. I am happy to use on multiple properties. Good value.
By Steve,
By Kate,
Easy to insure!
By Donia,
By Brian,
great service.
By Dave,
By Steve,
By Therese,
By Kelly,
By Simon,
Process is so easy
By Lisa,
By Lynley,
easy to use website NZPIF Discount / competitive pricing good product offering the flexibility to choose Loss Of Rent cover etc that i require
By chrissy,
All experiences excellent
By David,
Happy with ease use
By Peter,
By Fiona,
I’m impressed. Sorting Insurance isn’t a favourite hobby of mine ... the experience has been pain free, clear and transparent details, staff who do what they say they will and follow through. Compared to other insurers or Tower and AON this has been a breath of fresh air and I won’t mind doing it again!Thank you for keeping things simple with good coverage. Keep up the good work!
By Katherine,
By Audrey and Andrew,
cos its just easy! I used to work for IAG so have faith in the process!
By Gordon and Carol,
Prices are fair and great service
By Donna & Mark,
The realistic and flexible nature of accommodating unconsented works, and the ease of being able to do the whole application process online, plus the premiums are very reasonable.
By Chris & Jonell,
Easy online process, dynamic young company and confidence in knowing I would be looked after in the event of a claim.
By Seema,
Excellent so easy to renew 5 stars very happy customer here
By Sandy,
Initio had tried maximum effort in order to minimise the payment for the insured. I had been through all the stress because of this event, loss of rent for rest of the year, theft and damages etc. Furthermore I have to experience even stressful time to deal with Initio insurance company dishonest approach.
By MJ,
Great service
By Christopher,
Unable to increase loss of rents to $50,000
By Christopher,
Dont like your risk on Wellington properties
Absolutely hassle-free
By Clare,
By Elsie,
I've never made a claim, so cannot judge how easy, or not, that would be!
By Carol,
Ease of setting up insurance.
By Summer,
By Barry,
Easy to deal with
By Anthony,
I have been very satisfied with the service though other companies send an Insurance assessor to sort the claims out.
By Diane,
By Stewart,
Excellent and easy to use! Thank You!
By Juli,
By Therese,
really easy to transact
By Pushpendra Singh,
Easy and Friendly Sign up.
By Rene,
Simply outstanding
By jude,
good value.
By Munich Ltd,
By Russell,
By Deborah,
Value, 4 months required between rental inspections and easy to make changes
By Rebecca,
By Natasha,
good value cover. Easy to buy it on line. Good company.
By Janine,
Quick and easy process
By Lee,
By Hayley-Jane,
Too easy
By Brett,
happy with service
By Richard,
By Lincoln,
By Rob,
By Robyn,
Great, easy to use :-)
By Malcolm,
simple and effective
By John,
By Colin,
By Graham & Lynne,
Have been a client since Initio's early days. Had 1 water damage event in a kitchen and had prompt good assistance from Initio and Kitchen repaired and restored very quickly. Recommend Initio to people regularly.
By Barbara and Terence,
We are very happy with your service.
By Robyn,
Great easy service to use - thanks again :-)
By Lisa,
By Brad,
Very simple, fast and easy!
By Ke,
The premium is easy to buy
By Mark,
Good website, easy to follow. Prices have been creeping up a little though, be good to offer a multi policy discount if a customer has several policies with you.
By Duane,
By Glenn,
By Suzanne Anette,
Setting it up was very easy, I guess the proof of how good this insurance is will be if anything ever has to be claimed (not so far).
By Dennis and Barbara,
Online, and kept simple to use
By Anna,
By Tigilau,
Comprehensive yet clear, well itemised and easy to understand policy. Great website interface. Competitive pricing.
By Lena,
So easy to renew insurance
By Beryl,
great online system and great help when required. thanks Micah!
By Susan,
very easy to deal with online
By Maria,
By Clare,
By Bradley,
Easy, with good coverage and price competitive
By Jim,
Great on line service and quick responses - Have used before and will use again - Thanks Andre
By Josephine,
Good simple system. Cheaper than other insurers
By Bruce,
Security, convenience and a reliable Insurer
By Julia,
By andrew,
fast. easy. cheaper than broker.
By Davina,
By Davina,
By Davina,
By Davina,
By Davina,
By Robin,
I am so impressed with the ease of Insuring with this company and the extra benefits offered
By Brendan,
By Mark,
Seamless service highly recommend this product
By Ian,
Slick online application process, excellent landlord cover, very responsive.
By kameron,
Ease of starting and seems to be honest
By Barbara,
Easy to deal with, website easy to use. Good value.
By Keith,
Great company to deal with always very helpful
By Scott & Janine,
Easy, no fuss and competitive prices
By Anne,
By Gary,
Great easy process and good value for money cover.
By Alice,
I've recently had Malicious Damage by my tenants which resulted in over $40,000 damage! I was so lucky that I'm insured with Initio which they've attended very quickly and processed payment at a swift pace. The loss adjuster and the admin person that handled our case was kind and professional, all conversations are easy and prompt response. Furthermore, they've demonstrated compassion to what happened to us, in the old classic Kiwi way. 5 STAR for teams at Initio, you guys are AWESOME! highly recommend to all.
By Leigh,
Easy online quote. Chat feature worked well.
By Juliet,
I have recommended you to family and friends. A lot of them have changed. You are good value for money. Easy to deal with
By Barry,
By Brett,
We had a Meth claim / very stressful time / Initio staff were awesome & friendly & handled the claim professionally step by step & got our property sorted out & rented out again Cheers
By Jim,
helpful advice from "chat" with Andre and good pricing on Landlords policies. Thanks
By Suzanne,
I have had all my insurance policies with AMI for decades. I thought they did a reasonable price. Your quote is better - who doesn't want to get a good deal!
By David,
Easy to use, and Hassle free in any claims I've made
By Evgeniya,
easy to deal
By Mara,
Love the online interface
By Tonij,
Simply and easy.
By Fraser,
By Anthony,
Very good service when I have made a claim.
By Natalie,
By Elizabeth,
easy to use and to understand
By Pamella,
easy to use, all the insurance I need at much lower prices. thank you.
By David,
Easy system, good value.
By Darren,
Great digital experience focused on landlords needs
By Munich Ltd,
By Teresa,
By Tim,
excellent service & product-once an AP option is available (instead of CC for monthly payments) it would be 5star recommendable
By Simon,
So easy to renew policies and also the cost of insurance is very competitive.
By Peter,
By Grant,
So easy
By Martin,
By Stephen,
Easy to manage and good value !!
By Robyn,
By Carolyn,
Very easy to set up and competitive pricing and good coverage
By Anthony,
Simple, easy process. Best value insurance in the country.
By Andrew,
Cheaper than most other insurers. Easy to complete and pay online.
By Michael,
User Experience excellent!
By Andrew,
Easy to fill out policy online and cheaper than most other insurers.
By Gregory & Gaylene,
Good value and good user friendly systems
By Beverley,
By Sally and Brentyn,
By Erika,
Quick and Easy
By John,
By Darwin,
I've used Initio several times and it is simply the best - so easy!
By Gemma,
Easy renewal.
By Katarzyna,
because being with Initio is easy and no trouble to do all business online.
By Helen and Paul,
Great user friendly website. Thanks so much
By Judy and Neville,
Simple process but cannot give top score as premiums continue to soar and I have not had the need to test the claims side of the scheme, and hopefully never will.
By Fleur,
By Kenny,
Easy to apply online and very cost-effective.
By Sandy,
Great firm !!
By Melody,
Easy and recommended by Hawkes Bay Property Investors
By Abraham,
Great easy service
By Corinna & Jonathan,
Great price & cover, easy to use portal
By Vincent,
Initio has competitive pricing and its so easy to get one online. Covers most I could think of ensuring peace of mind. My second year with Initio!
By Andrew,
Your water damage policy is far too strict. A gradual leak that you can't notice caused thousands of dollars in damage but wasn't covered by our cover.
By Andrew,
By Katherine,
Easy site to use and good pricing
By Katherine,
Great website, easy to use and good pricing
By Scott,
Clear, simple and easy to navigate.
By Tonij,
Fast, simple and competitive premium. Claim also easy and straightforward.
By Alistair,
Easy to fill out and to see how premium is affected by choices. Also cheaper than others :-)
By Valerie,
Very quick and easy to set up, and great price.
By Leighton,
By Lisa,
By Katrina,
It seems an okay policy but too expensive. At the moment I've not got enough time to research other options.
By Pardeep,
Great price and service
By Pardeep,
By Avinash,
Good service.
By Lara,
It would be best if you have a reference part for customers to write their property address, when using account to account. Also to choose a date I want the funds to drawn out, rather than for it happen straight away.
By Jacqui,
By Jill,
Competitive rates, great service when I made a claim.
By Nicola,
By william,
easy, good price
By Michael,
Effortless, Reasonable prices, No Automatic rollover, with huge increases. Good reminder.
By Carole,
So easy to use & understand
By Gen Lin,
fast and easy!
By David,
Need to see you live up to what we have agreed in the contract above
By Anthony,
Other insurance companies are offering competitive terms. In particular I am thinking of AA.
By vincent,
Online, easy
By Barry,
By Anthony,
Good prices, good service when we have made a claim.
By Chris,
Easy to use and clear format
By Dawn,
By Neil & Rawinia,
Clear benefits, Easy process. I completed this in 15 minutes from the UK. Definately the most simple insurance I have ever completed. Time will tell how good the service is beyond this.
By Trevor,
By Munich Ltd,
By Wilma,
Friendly systems to follow. Thank you.
By michael,
By Lynette,
Great value insurance
By Gordon,
Quick easy to use, processed the one small claim we had well. Just renewed for 3rd year.
By Paul,
Easy online process. However at this stage can not comment on claim process as had no claims.
By Tracy,
easy to use
By Janet,
Very quick and easy the deal with
By Yongping (Peter),
By David,
Really simple service to use, value seems fair.
By Arteshar,
Been with Initio for about 5 years, for 2 properties. I am happy with the policy.
By Zbigniew,
Friendly and helpful staff, good communication and ease of use
By James,
By Christine,
Easy online process
By David,
would be 5 stars, because it is all so easy. but since you have been bought out the prices have been creeping up.
By Ethan,
Easy to use. Good pricing
By Helen,
By Deirdre,
Good service and easy service. Great pricing.
By Firman Family Trust,
so far so good
By Sharron,
Easy and fast. great stuff
By Anna,
Easy system to use
By Dmitri,
happy long term client
By Jason,
ease of use and great pricing
By Ann-Marie,
Have not had any direct experience (claims) so don't know how supportive your company is but cover is good and premium renewals easy to negotiate.
By Robyn,
By Nicola,
It was so easy! I've spent literally hours on the phone to other insurance companies and brokers this week. Initio came back with the best cover, best price and I purchased the insurance online within 5 minutes. Amazing, thank you!
By Emily,
It was friendly. Easy simple clear information. Liked the examples of recent payouts and do not payout. Also the info of what you covered under landlord insurance. Extensive and clear with options of increasing. Then easy to pay at end with clear information and instructions. Im not use to digital technology but it was great. Thank you
By Angela,
By Eshal,
Cannot be easier to renew, thanks team:)
By Adriaan,
Very easy to manage, nice setup
By Steven,
Simple easy good value
By Kent,
Quick, easy, great value for money.
By John,
good website, easy to understand and select and edit the information
By Coral,
Love the dashboard and easy to renew
By Rachael and Geoff,
Easy to renew and use.
By David,
Very easy
By Satnam & Akanksha,
Never had to claim but buying and renewing the policy, online portal is amazing so thanks for the good work. Of course, no one knows how good insurance is until you claim so might find out more one day
By Meha Dinesh,
By Rachel,
Polite, helpful, quick and helpful service.
By Randi,
Professional service, easy invoicing/payment, policy clear and understandable.
By Jody,
Super easy online insurance and willing to offer insurance on my trade properties as well , thanks
By Mark,
Couldn’t be happier with you company guys. Dashboard so easy to set up new policies or renew old one. Just wish you would insure all my other properties in Blenheim. Maybe in time aye. Thanks again. Mark.
By Duane,
By Richard,
Initio makes renewal hassle-free. Thanks.
By Robin,
It's a breeze to use :)
By Louisa,
Easy to check adding replacement value and the effect on premium.
By Tom,
Easy to manage my policies online.
By Wendy,
By Calie,
Easy to use competitive prices great value for money
By Stephen,
So easy to use.
By Nick,
By Carolyn,
Easy to use, lots of easy to understand information, and a good price
By Yiannos,
Easy to renew, all information readily avilable
By Alistair,
An easy online process. Policy quite well suited to a rental property.
By Robert,
All seems to good to be true- Realistic rates, straight through processing, every thing is not too hard requiring extra payments here and there.
By Trevor,
Great cover with good number of options available. Good pricing and good support service. Thanks.
By Joel,
Easy and competitive.
By Raewyn,
By Raewyn,
By Raewyn,
By Raewyn,
By Lee,
By Grant-David,
By DTH Group,
By Amber,
It's just easy
By Dennis and Barbara,
Fantastic communication, ease of use .
By Torlesse Trustees Ltd,
Easy and resonable price
By Stephen,
Its easy
By Graham,
Simple to renew
By Catherine,
As far as I've been concerned Initio is easy to work with. I haven't yet needed to make a claim, hence I don't know if 5 stars are appropriate.
By Sonia,
By Ali Mohamed abdelkader,
Really easy to go through the sign up process and awesome that we can get real time quotes.
By Sonia,
By Duncan,
By kim,
simple,clear, covers everything i need and I love that I change change/control amounts online instantly
By Tamara,
By David,
Easy and good products
By Rob,
On-line process was quick and easy!
By Joanne,
Very easy
By Kerry,
A good simple process and easy to renew, thanks
By john,
Too easy
By Debbie,
Easy and call back service was very helpful. Oh and not forgetting - no sales spiel. Love it! Thank you
By Ria,
So easy to use!
By Anthony,
Easy, quick & well priced, so many websites are not user friendly its good to use one that is.
By Nicki,
NZPIF discounts and a very competitive premium and good range of cover, thanks!
By Pam,
Do so all the time! Just can't wait till I can change our vehicle's to you too!
By lance,
Super easy, super fast, claim settled no problems, I'm definitely an initio fan....
By Donna & Mark,
So easy to setup, easy to deal with on the phone, a very pragmatic approach to insurance.
By Peter,
The premium is a lot cheaper than my existing insurance through a broker I have been using for years. I guess we will find out how good you are if I need to make a claim.
By Pam,
Have done at every opportunity I get even to strangers!!!!
By Malcolm & Tracy,
By Maria Donna,
Very easy to use and set up no lengthy forms.
By Victoria,
By Craig & Robyn,
Easy to set up and competitive policies. Can't comment on experience with claiming at this stage though.
By Jason,
Pretty easy service, price has gone up quite a bit on renewal I would like someone to call me to discuss as I will be shopping around for the best deal.
By Terry,
By Grant,
By Ria,
Its so easy!
By Peter,
By Natasha,
Very easy to use, good pricing, hassle free
By Niquita,
Super easy to deal with !
By Sally,
Nice and easy GReat rates Help if you need it Claims managed really simply
By Glenn,
Good price, easy to obtain
By Ivan,
By Jo,
Easy online service at a good price
By Gordon and Carol,
Easy company to deal with
By mohammad imad,
Nice services, satisfy my needs.
By arnold,
i depend on experienced and successful investors and their associates and to date i have no regrets i have been able to retrieve information from your web sight which is accurate and truthful and had the relevant detail contained within it that the rangitikei council could not provide
By Malcolm,
Just so easy to do online.
By Raewyn,
Easy to work with and try different options.
By William,
By Roger,
easy to deal with
By Sharon,
I have found Initio easy to deal with and the whenever I have had to ring in the team have been friendly and helpful. Thank you.
By Nick,
Low calculator, fair rates
By Roger,
By Janet,
Excellent, fast, friendly service. Thank you!
By Karl and Florah,
By Reuben,
Easy to use and competitive pricing
By Glen,
Easy and has good value as an owner and investor. Initio Team is also good to deal with.
By Barry,
The insurance is placed, with a recognised insurer,with competitive premiums,and questions regarding the policy are answered promptly on the chat
By Bronwyn,
By Allen,
By Donal,
By Stephen,
Straight forward process
By Douglas,
By Todd & Helsa,
By Liza,
By Brenda,
Easy online process but if you need help they are very quick to contact you and get everything sorted
By Sophia,
I like the simple and straight forward website - far better than competitors! Plus I received two other quotes and Initio always comes in cheaper.
By Graham,
By Kena,
By Elizabeth,
straight forward insurance and renewal. Although the strength of the insurance is at the time of claiming. Hopefully something that is not tested!
By Janine,
Very easy process, great website
By Kerry,
By pauline,
A simple process and very efficient. I haven't made a claim, so I can't give you 5 stars yet.
By Chy,
Very easy to navigate and great cover
By P.A,
Absolutely hassle free process every renewal.
By Reg,
Real easy to deal with
By Deborah,
The service that I have had to date...thank you
By Murray,
I have several properties now insured with Initio because it is simple, quick and so easy. Thanks for revolutionising the insurance industry with an online option that actually works well.
By Georgia,
By Stephen,
Great Value and Easy to Sort... Thanks
By Andrew,
Easy as....
By Alexandria,
Easy to use website.
By Wendy,
Easy to apply and renew.
By Raylene,
Great policy for my rental
By Julie,
By Brenda,
So simple after waiting, talking to and getting nowhere with a very popular company.    
By David,
Quick, convenient. Thanks.
By Wayne,
Easy to reinsure each year. No hassles changing details.
By Aaron,
Easy to deal with and no problems when making claims.
By Mark,
Quick & Easy to use dashboard. Fast response to questions. Good value premiums & easy to understand policies.
By Cameron,
Always have. Satisfied customer.
By Alan & Andie,
By Daryl,
By Cathy,
I have had a recent claim with Initio and the service was great!
By Lucius,
Good pricing for insurance coverage and simple process to sign up.
By Matthew,
By Lucius,
Good pricing, good covergae, easy process.
By Craig & Robyn,