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Vehicle insurance is only available to current home-policy holders & through selected partners

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Initio Car Insurance

Comprehensive cover. Competitive premiums.

All of our Full Cover vehicle policies automatically include the following benefits:

Agreed Value

You pick the value within a range we provide, and that's the value - no argument.

No Excess Glass Cover

Don't pay an excess for damage to windscreens, windows or driving lights.

Select Business Use

Your vehicle is covered for both personal and some business use - like inspecting and maintaining your rental properties.

Cover the important things

  1. Damage to your car

    We’ll sort out your damaged car after an accident, with a Quality Guarantee when you use our IAG Approved Repairer Network.

  2. Fire & Theft

    If your car is damaged from a fire, or natural hazard we’ve got your covered. Same goes if your car is stolen.

  1. Legal Liability

    $20 million of protection if you crash and cause damage to other people’s cars or property.

  2. No fault, no excess

    If we are satisfied you are not at fault and can provide the details of the at fault party, we won’t make you pay an excess. It’s only fair!

Cover for the smaller things too

  1. Courtesy Car

    Temporary car while you wait for yours to be repaired. You pay any bond or deposit, the running costs, as well as $20 a day and we’ll pay the rest, for up to 14 days.

  2. Keys & Locks

    We’ll pay up to $1,000 if your car keys are lost, stolen or copied with just a $100 excess.

  3. Accomodation Costs

    If you’re out of town and crash your car, we’ll pay up to $750 for accommodation if you can’t get home easily.  We’ll pay to transport you home where needed.

  1. Trailer Cover

    If you have a trailer and its damaged in a mishap, we’ll pay up to $1,000 of its market value with only a $100 excess.

  2. Towing & Clearing

    We’ll pay to tow your car to your repairer after a crash. We’ll also sort out any debris that is left on the road from the accident.

  3. Brand New Replacement

    If you write off your car you purchased new in the last 12 months, we’ll pay for a brand new one of the same model.

This is a summary of the motor vehicle policy coverage only. Please refer to the initio motor vehicle policy wording for full details of cover, including conditions, definitions, benefits & exclusions.

Roadside Assist – optional additional benefit

Imagine breaking down in the middle of nowhere, losing your keys, or facing a flat battery. Now, with Roadside Assist, you don’t have to worry about these mishaps anymore. Whether it’s a tow, a jump-start, or a key rescue, we’ve got your back 24/7.

What’s included once you add Roadside Assist:

  • 6 callouts per year.
  • Nationwide support for all kinds of roadside emergencies.
  • A dedicated helpline available round-the-clock at 0800 694 555
  • Secure peace of mind with a minimal additional cost.

Please note, Roadside Assist is only available with full cover vehicle cover.


Instant hassle free online cover, at prices you will love.

Initio makes it easier, smarter, and faster to get and manage your house, contents and car insurance.

  • Cover your House, Contents and Car all in one place

    Keep all your cover in one place. Simply log in to your existing initio dashboard, and enter the vehicle rego to start a quick quote and cover.

  • Take control of your insurance

    Lodge claims, cancel and add policies, get documents all online on your smart device or computer.

Why initio?

We use our technology to save you time and money.

Kick-ass Cover

We don't expect you to build your own policy, we include the things that matter - bells & whistles too.

100% Online

We provide instant, online quotes, and we take the same efficient approach to claims.

Support Focused

We're here to support you when stuff happens. Let us show you the way to easier insurance.

You’re in safe hands

If disaster strikes, you’re in good hands. Initio policies are underwritten by IAG New Zealand Ltd. Standard & Poor’s has given IAG a AA ‘Very Strong’ Financial Strength Rating.

Learn more about the financial strength rating

Common questions about car insurance

Initio car insurance is exclusive to existing initio customers.

It’s car insurance designed for Homeowners. You’ll need to login to your dashboard and select the add car insurance button to start an instant quote with the car’s number plate.

No. We only offer car insurance to customers who have homes insured with us.

With agreed value you select a set value that your insurance company agrees to cover. You can choose the value from a range of accepted values.

If your car is not repairable after a crash, you’ll be paid your full sum insured minus your excess. No arguments.

With a market value policy also choose a sum insured for your car. However, this isn’t necessarily how much you’ll be paid if you have a crash & your car isn’t repairable.

Your insurance company will determine the car’s value with a post-loss valuation, based on its age, wear, mileage and service history.

Therefore your payout could be either above or below your sum insured.

We prefer agreed value cover, as there’s more certainty about how much you’ll be paid if you have a bad accident.

Full Cover

Covers your car to its agreed value, and damage you cause to other cars or property. It’s the full piece of mind.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Covers the car for fire and theft, and damage you cause to other cars or property.

Third Party Only

Liability protection. Covers only damage you cause to other cars or property. Suitable if you’re not too worried about damage to the car.


A car usually gets written off when it suffers major damage. An insurance company will write the car off if costs too much to repair.

It might be that the repairs cost almost as much as the car is worth, or because the repairs will simply take too long.

If an insurer writes a vehicle off it will take ownership of the car (known as the wreck). They then sell the car at a damaged vehicle auction to recover some of its costs of paying the claim.

All car insurance claims need to be lodged online from your dashboard.

Any licensed driver that has your permission and meets the conditions of your policy will be covered.

The excess that applies can vary depending on the driver’s age and driving experience.

Payment need to be made from a credit or debit card, where we’ll automatically withdraw your premium each month.

You can use a repairer of your choice, or one from our approved repairers network.

If you would like us to help you choose a repairer we’ll recommend one of our approved repairers. These repairers come with:

– A Quality Guarantee

– Pre-authorisation to repair damage, speeding up the repair process

– Loan vehicles usually on hand

To find our approved repairers near you, use the supplier search tool.