Get the right insurance for you

We love insuring houses.  Choose the right insurance policy, we’ll quote it and insure it instantly, all online.  We use our technology to save you time and money. Policy confirmation to your inbox, a personalised insurance dashboard and no-fuss claims.

Do you sometimes rent out your own home and aren't sure which cover is right for you?

Our Home and Income page will help you decide which type of insurance cover best suits your unique needs. Maybe you own your home and sometimes rent out spaces like a self-contained granny flat or even just a bedroom to flatmates?

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.


Who are we?

Initio is the pioneer of online house insurance in New Zealand.  Founded in 2011, we’re a New Zealand-owned and operated online house insurance provider, backed by the best.  From insuring your own home, to a block of flats, we have an insurance policy for you. We might be all about delivering a great online experience, but you can still contact us via phone or email if you need to.

Who is initio insurance

Who backs us

With the backing of New Zealand’s largest insurer, you can be assured that should the worst happen to your property, you’re in good hands. Initio is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Ltd.

Claim time

The only value you see from your insurance policy is at claim time. Initio takes claims seriously: should you suffer a loss, we’re here to make the process easy. You can lodge a claim online via your dashboard, and our team are here to help if you need them.

No fuss claims with initio