The best ways to save on insurance

At Initio we’ve worked hard to have some of best rates in the market for rental property and holiday home insurance. As well as offering competitive pricing, the cover is tailored to tenanted properties so that you can be sure to have the correct amount of cover.

There have been some who asked how we are able to provide the same cover as other providers but at a lower cost? We’ve put together a number of ways that we’ve been able to keep costs down, and some tips on how you can apply this to save on your own insurance.

Use technology to save time:

By using technology to do a lot of the legwork, admin overheads can be greatly reduced. You can save both time and money by using online services to arrange for bookings and services, including insurance.

Being an online insurance provider, we rely on technology to make it as easy and efficient as possible, and we can provide better savings because of it.

Pay your premiums annually:

Whenever it comes to paying for the insurance, you will have the option of paying monthly, or for the full year in advance. What may not be clear is that monthly payments generally use a loan company in the middle to pay for the full annual total, and then collect back the loan with interest.

Ultimately, just the choice of paying monthly can increase your insurance bill by up to 10%, and while it may be more convenient, ultimately it’s equivalent to taking a high interest loan to pay a small amount.

Simply switching to annual payments can save you greatly on your insurance bill.

Use specialists to get the right cover:

Going to a specialist provider for the cover you need will generally mean you have better cover, and often better rates. While a standard insurer may be able to provide cover for a high end classic car, going to a specialist underwriter for classic car cover means that they know the cars and have a policy tailored toward that kind of car.

Similar applies across multiple other items such as boats, holiday homes, or rental properties. Using a provider who knows their subject matter and tailors the cover for it means that you will be sure to have the best cover and price for your insurance.


At Initio we’ve taken advantage of the above to ensure you receive great cover at competitive prices. You can take these tips and apply them to your existing insurance, and compare with the other options on the market.