How to claim on your insurance

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a claim on your property? At initio we have compiled a step by step guide to help you navigate making a claim.

Step 1. Secure your Property

Take care of yourself and your property to prevent further loss or damage, if you need to, contact emergency services such as fire or police.

Step 2. Make a Claim

Login to your initio dashboard and click ‘make a claim’ answer the questions and upload any relevant documentation such as receipts, quotes, police reports, and photos. If you have any additional details or forget to send something initially, you can email it to us: [email protected]

If your claim is urgent and you need to speak to someone, call 0800 763 929, or 0800 560 333 outside business hours.

Step 3. Leave it to Initio

Our Claims Manager will be in touch with the next steps. If required we may send an assessor to your property to review and assist with the claim process.

Step 4. Contact Details

Keep an eye on your emails and initio dashboard for claims updates and notifications. Make sure that we have the contact details for your tenants and property manager in case we need to liaise with them directly to arrange access.

Step 5. Practical tips

Here are some other things you can do, to assist initio in getting your claim resolved quickly.

  • Take photos of the damage, if your claim is straightforward we might be able to use these to assess your damage.
  • If you have water damage, contact JAE on 0800 225 552 (or another commercial drying company) to arrange cleaning and drying.
  • Arrange for a repairer to view the damage, report on the cause (if they’re able to) and provide a quotation to repair.
  • Provide us with receipts, or model numbers for items that are damaged or stolen.
  • Three monthly property inspection reports are required for contamination or deliberate damage by tenant claims.
  • If you are claiming for loss of rent we will need a copy of the tenancy agreement.