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We know reading and understanding house insurance policies can be hard.

Whether you’re buying a house or switching insurers, our comparison tool can help you compare policies across popular New Zealand insurers.

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What makes a good cover?

Policy benefit limits will be different between insurers. You should look out for benefits like Alternative Accommodation and Hidden Gradual Damage and see if they are enough for you.

Conditions between policies also vary, but are less obvious. For example different conditions will apply to unoccupied houses.

Extra benefits like no-excess glass cover can add value to your policy. These are often optional benefits, so you should check they are included when comparing price and cover.

Price versus Cover

Choosing the cheapest premium is not always the best option.

A bare-minimum policy may save you money now, but you might be disappointed by the cover when you need to make claim.

You should compare how much cover you are getting, with the premium you are paying.

Understanding your house insurance policy will ensure you are getting the right cover at the best price.

House Insurance Comparison

To save you the hassle, we’ve picked apart each policy wording. Select the insurer on the right to compare the cover against our policy. For full details of each policy please select the policy wording link.

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