Compare House Insurance Policies New Zealand

Reading and understanding house insurance policies is hard.

Whether you’re buying a house or switching insurers, our comparison tool can help you compare policies across popular New Zealand insurers.

House Insurance Comparison    Instant House Insurance Quote

What makes a good cover?

Policy benefit limits will be different between insurers. You should look out for benefits like Alternative Accommodation and Hidden Gradual Damage and see if they are enough for you.

Conditions between policies also vary, but are less obvious. For example different conditions will apply to unoccupied houses.

Extra benefits like nil-excess glass cover can add value to your policy. These are often optional benefits, so you should check they are included when comparing price and cover.

Price vs. Cover

Choosing the cheapest premium is not always the best.

A bare minimum policy might save you money, but you might be disappointed by the cover when you need to make claim.

You should compare how much cover you are getting, with the premium you are paying.

Understanding your house insurance policy will ensure you are getting the right cover at the best price.

House Insurance Comparison

We have picked apart each policy wording. Select the insurer on the right and you can compare the cover against our policy. For full details of each policy please select the policy wording link.

Why initio?

We use technology to save you time and money

100% Online

Instant online quotes in seconds, with the same approach to claims.

Support Focused

We're here to support you, not sell. Let us show you the way to better insurance.

Great Cover

We don't expect you to build your own policy. We include the things that matter, bells & whistles too.

How likely are our customers to recommend initio?

By Natasha,
Jan 17, 2021
Easy and responsive
By James,
Jan 12, 2021
Such an easy process to join up, and a very competitive price with better benefits than we've had previously.
By Danielle,
Jan 8, 2021
By Jason,
Jan 7, 2021
By Allan Thomas,
Jan 4, 2021
Because of the ease on insuring with Initio!! Also I have saved money by insuring with Initio!!
By Benjamin,
Jan 3, 2021
Great website, hassle free
By Johanna,
Dec 30, 2020
Quick, easy and excellent value
By William,
Dec 22, 2020
Easiest and quickest application I have come across.
By Jeremy,
Dec 22, 2020
Fantastic company to deal with....great to deal with an insurance company that makes things so easy!
By Ying,
Dec 20, 2020
By Ellan,
Dec 18, 2020
Easy to use
By Gerald,
Dec 16, 2020
Helpful and easy to deal with
By Kurt,
Dec 13, 2020
By Adele,
Dec 10, 2020
Very easy, insured for more and cost $400 less than my old insurer. Win win!
By Richard,
Dec 9, 2020
So Easy!!! :)
By Arend,
Dec 8, 2020
Great and easy to understand Insurance set up
By Samuel,
Dec 7, 2020
By Brendan,
Dec 6, 2020
easy and well priced
By Alan,
Dec 5, 2020
Very quick and easy
By Jay,
Dec 4, 2020
Great value, easy to apply
By Almanzo,
Dec 2, 2020
By Junior,
Dec 1, 2020
By Lydia,
Dec 1, 2020
fast and easy online application, got my house insured in less than 10 minutes
By Charles R,
Dec 1, 2020
Great well-designed interactive website guys - perfect CX! Easy to use, simple to understand and clear simple options- and at a fair price. Well done!
By N.J & J.W.,
Nov 30, 2020
Solely because of the communication services sofar provided.
By Annaliese,
Nov 28, 2020
So easy! And makes it less complicated having preset contents values and drop down selections for the excess options. Also adding items over the cap limit was easy.
By Craig & Robyn,
Nov 27, 2020
By Vincent,
Nov 26, 2020
easy online
By Charles,
Nov 26, 2020
By Gene,
Nov 26, 2020
Good pricing and simple online renewal.
By Peter,
Nov 25, 2020
Ease of access and guidance. Competitive pricing.
By Belinda,
Nov 24, 2020
Fantastic Insurance Company, thoroughly recommend
By Gavin,
Nov 24, 2020
Super easy to organize cover. Compared several other insurance company offers, Initio was the best offer for my needs. 'Chat with us' on the website was very responsive and answered all questions quickly. Would recommend.
By Angela,
Nov 20, 2020
Best value for money
By Michael,
Nov 19, 2020
So easy to complete and also the offer of content cover. No other company offered that during the process.
By Niki,
Nov 18, 2020
Honestly, so easy to sign up. I was a little apprehensive as had never heard of Initio, but it was recommended on MoneyHub NZ. The process is easy, although I put the wrong date in to start the policy, customer service were amazing to deal with, fast and helped fix my error in a matter of minutes. I am also a huge shop arounder and for House and Contents together Initio came out cheaper than 4 other major insurers and the policy wordings benefit my family alot more.
By Chris,
Nov 18, 2020
Too easy
By Helen,
Nov 15, 2020
very easy!
By P&S,
Nov 14, 2020
Easy and simple to do on-line, no wait, no endless talk! Quick and easy - brilliant!
By Audrey and Andrew,
Nov 13, 2020
Well - so far super impressed with claims experience - Napier Floods 9 Nov!- Just getting started so not settle yet, But communication from Anna has been awesome so far!
By Gregor Ramon,
Nov 11, 2020
it was easy and all the time we were in contact for any question, thank you
By Paul & Janet,
Nov 11, 2020
Painless process, no waiting on phone, gave up trying other insurance companies
By Kayla,
Nov 11, 2020
By Karl,
Nov 11, 2020
Ease, discounts and online for majority of it!!!! Easy. Thanks
By Kheng Chok,
Nov 6, 2020
Easy process and great value.
By Mark,
Nov 4, 2020
Never had a problem with Initio. Good customer service, I can get clear information about a potential claim. Quick service.
By Ming,
Nov 4, 2020
By Gregor Ramon,
Nov 4, 2020
Very fast, simple and efficient.. thank you
By Kerry,
Nov 3, 2020
Simple, Clear, Easy, Value. No appointment. No screens of confusing paperwork and questions. Fantastic.
By Billie Sue,
Nov 3, 2020
By Odette,
Nov 2, 2020
By Anand Kumar,
Oct 28, 2020
Best value for money and easy to get the insurance online
By Tim,
Oct 27, 2020
Great quoting process, easy to use and good rates
By Brendan,
Oct 26, 2020
Easy to use website
By Melanie and James,
Oct 26, 2020
nice and easy, and the paying monthly thing is great.
By Jennifer,
Oct 23, 2020
Easy to use and very flexible
By Edward Geoff,
Oct 22, 2020
Everything went like clockwork, and after my trip through your site and learned how to navigate it, the smooth flow was excellent. Also if had good customer service from Andre, helpful and polite. Thanks
By Kevan,
Oct 22, 2020
Good service.
By Robert,
Oct 21, 2020
By Neil,
Oct 20, 2020
competitive premium. Easy to renew.
By adriene,
Oct 20, 2020
Awesome work team so easy to use system an great price
By Angus,
Oct 19, 2020
By Steven,
Oct 19, 2020
By Dorothy Rene,
Oct 18, 2020
So easy to follow and very helpful person on the phone.
By Doug,
Oct 16, 2020
By Grant,
Oct 14, 2020
How easy does Initio make it?? Amazing!!
By Tim,
Oct 13, 2020
Easy and simple to do online.
By Gregorius,
Oct 13, 2020
you are cheaper, especially since I can choose my rebuild value and excess
By Joel,
Oct 12, 2020
1. Extremely easy to use and very straightforward. 2. Very well priced. 3. Helpful staff that knew what they were talking about
By James,
Oct 12, 2020
Great service and provider
By Samuel,
Oct 9, 2020
Very easy to do. Explanations on the website make it clear what you are insuring, plus the price is competitive ;)
By Max,
Oct 8, 2020
Price and key replacement excess exclusion!
By Brendon,
Oct 7, 2020
Super easy to set up, no BS forms you have to full out.
By Andra,
Oct 6, 2020
The online was easy to use and not difficult as other insurers were
By Patricia,
Oct 1, 2020
By Abraham,
Sep 30, 2020
Easy and Fast service
By Lily,
Sep 29, 2020
Extremely easy and quick to apply
By (Helen)Hui Chuan,
Sep 28, 2020
Good service, and quick respond to customer's claim.
By David & Hannah,
Sep 23, 2020
super easy an friendly.
By Dennis,
Sep 22, 2020
quick and easy. Seems too easy to be a true for an insurance company!!!
By Alan,
Sep 20, 2020
By David,
Sep 20, 2020
So easy and filled requirements.
By Vivek,
Sep 19, 2020
By sheryl,
Sep 17, 2020
By Anthony,
Sep 13, 2020
Has been straight forward and simple during my 4 years of policy
By Davide,
Sep 10, 2020
By Garth,
Aug 30, 2020
so easy to sign up, great rates etc.
By Marc,
Aug 30, 2020
By Brendon,
Aug 28, 2020
By Yoke Leng, Sophia,
Aug 28, 2020
Competitive rates and ease of use of website
By Jim,
Aug 27, 2020
Great modern online insurance option- excellent for NZPIF members
By Philip,
Aug 26, 2020
Price hasn't changed. Happy with online process, its nice and fast/fluid experience
By Alister,
Aug 22, 2020
Good value, simple and upfront info so you know what you're getting.
By Gareth,
Aug 20, 2020
Very easy to get a quote, quick answers to my questions, plus they provided a helpful comparison to my current policy. Definitely recommend.
By Lieng sree,
Aug 20, 2020
Good n fast easy to deal
By Geoffrey,
Aug 16, 2020
Great company to deal with!
By Ian,
Aug 6, 2020
You are the best
By Glenn,
Jul 30, 2020
Easy and hassle free. Option to add/include special items. Competitive pricing
By Peter,
Jul 29, 2020
Huge savings on my policy and easy to do online
By Melvin,
Jul 28, 2020
Great and ease of service from Initio. Thank you.
By Dianne,
Jul 27, 2020
So simple and easy to arrange insurance; and a competitive premium - thank you!
By Nicola,
Jul 23, 2020
Simplistic - hopefully reliable!
By Sarah,
Jul 20, 2020
Easy process and prompt communication
By Maxine,
Jul 20, 2020
Very good pricing
By Gareth,
Jul 19, 2020
Good service and prices. The cost breakdown is useful, shows just how much this government is clipping the ticket.
By Jeremy,
Jul 8, 2020
Easy and simple to use!
By Christine,
Jul 4, 2020
Easy to renew. Good prices
By Michael Lawrence,
Jul 1, 2020
great reminders. competitive cost of policy and extensive inclusions
By Sarah,
Jun 29, 2020
By toni,
Jun 26, 2020
Not really sure; it was easy to get, lets hope you easy to deal with
By Nikolas,
Jun 25, 2020
Easy process - easy to navigate website and easy access to info - but most importantly competitive pricing.
By David,
Jun 25, 2020
By Leigh,
Jun 25, 2020
Competitively priced and easy to set up.
By Jeremy,
Jun 20, 2020
easy as to renew and update the policy! Keep up the good work team
By Rene,
Jun 15, 2020
By Ian,
Jun 12, 2020
About $600 less than what pic insurance brokers were going to initially charge me
By Jacquie,
Jun 4, 2020
seemed very straightforward to set up but not had any dealings yet so we will see if you're worthy of 5 stars!
Jun 3, 2020
My Daughter Pam Hanretty recommended me and tells everyone how wonderful your service is
By Paul,
May 27, 2020
By Lois,
May 27, 2020
Easy to deal with
By Joe,
May 25, 2020
Easy and straightforward to set up insurance
By Lisa,
May 25, 2020
So simple and quick to use.
By Mike,
May 19, 2020
Value for money and so easy.
By Julena,
May 13, 2020
Easy, simple, and I have control over how I insure ... thank YOU!
By Jacobus A,
May 1, 2020
So hassle free, easy to use, quick to update with instant communications! Not to mention the competitive premiums. Keep up the good work
By John,
May 1, 2020
Good value, easy to deal with. Simple.
By Morree,
May 1, 2020
Haven’t needed to use you, so can’t give 5 stars.
By Conrad & Jill,
Apr 30, 2020
Easy to deal with and very competitive
By Raewyn,
Apr 29, 2020
Simple to do, also love being able to play with the different boxes and see clearly how it affects premiums!
By Michael,
Apr 27, 2020
Process is easy, and communication is quick and informative
By Jane,
Apr 24, 2020
I have appreciated the flexibility of Initio, providing a policy to insure our house under different circumstances. Both when it has been used purely as our own home and when it has been used partly as a holiday rental. It was very simple to switch the house status from one to the other when updating the policy.
By frederik,
Apr 22, 2020
Great way to get insurance business sorted
By Anthony,
Apr 20, 2020
Best cover, best price.
By John,
Apr 16, 2020
By Matthew,
Apr 6, 2020
Best house insurance company in setting up and renewing.
By Nick,
Apr 6, 2020
By Kate,
Apr 6, 2020
Easy to renew online. Very user-friendly website.
By david,
Mar 20, 2020
Value for money, easy to do on line.
By Elizabeth,
Mar 18, 2020
easy to do and responsive to questions.
By Sophia,
Mar 15, 2020
Ease of use for the online application. Spoke to someone on the phone, very helpful and to the point information. Would recommend to others.
By russell,
Mar 15, 2020
It was so easy
By Craig,
Mar 13, 2020
Simple website to use Really good cheap policies
By Brenda,
Mar 11, 2020
awesome & so easy
By Lisa,
Mar 10, 2020
By Liam,
Mar 8, 2020
Love being able to do everything online.
By Sam,
Mar 5, 2020
Cheap policies, easy to deal with but mainly the comprehensive cover for rental properties.
By bruce,
Mar 5, 2020
Very easy and quick to renew our policy
By Joel,
Mar 5, 2020
Ridiculously easy and provides what we need.
By Wendy,
Mar 3, 2020
Easy to do, highly rated company
By Ezra,
Mar 3, 2020
Quick, easy and is better priced than our last insurance company.
By Janet,
Feb 27, 2020
Excellent customer service, online dashboard easy to manage with instant information to access.
By Neil & Margaret,
Feb 25, 2020
By Nathan,
Feb 17, 2020
Very easy to use
By Mark,
Feb 12, 2020
Because you are easy to deal with!
By Michael,
Feb 11, 2020
Decent prices
By Stephen,
Feb 3, 2020
Simple wording, by having a rapid quoting system- there is less wriggle room for both sides. Basically when I last read the policy, it seemed straight forward and fair. I have not reread it since then such is the level of confidence it inspired
By Alan,
Feb 3, 2020
Super easy and great value.
By Murray,
Jan 31, 2020
Always easy and simple and clear.
By Pam,
Jan 22, 2020
You guys ROCK!!!! I was happy with your service (as you can actually speak to real people when you need to!) but your online system is fantastic! I also sadly had to have a pretty big claim with you when I had fairly recently changed to your company for my insurance needs - and was just totally blown away with the efficiency and professionalism of how you handled it all! Keep up the fantastic work - and I cant wait till you do vehicle cover too!
By Geoffrey,
Jan 15, 2020
Great to deal with!
By Michael,
Jan 14, 2020
So easy to review and renew a policy
By Randi,
Jan 13, 2020
Because of the detail you requested to insure our property. Many insurance companies do not state all that is required upfront but instead place it in the small print. Once you were sure our property met your requirements insurance was easy. Thank you.
By Phillip & Victoria,
Jan 9, 2020
By Troy,
Jan 9, 2020
Ease of use on website and competitive pricing
By Catherine,
Jan 5, 2020
Very east and straight forward, and very competitive pricing compared to other quotes I received
By Stuart,
Jan 5, 2020
Easy to understand and low cost home and contents insurance
By Kathrine,
Dec 28, 2019
Easy to fill in forms, no stupid “need more info, contact us”. Instant answers.
By TeRina,
Dec 22, 2019
very easy and straight forward!
By Peter,
Dec 5, 2019
stuffed up visa payment system
By Nick,
Dec 2, 2019
That was far too easy! Great price (relative to my prior policies) too!
By Craig & Robyn,
Nov 28, 2019
Setting up a policy all went well. Can't comment on claim process yet.
By Michael,
Nov 25, 2019
By Jeremy,
Nov 24, 2019
By Lena,
Nov 15, 2019
By Kaye,
Nov 11, 2019
great you have the option to pay monthly now, thanks.
By Madawi,
Nov 9, 2019
By Nicholas,
Nov 8, 2019
Quick, easy and very competitive premium.
By Andrew,
Nov 6, 2019
Pretty easy to get a quote and buy insurance.
By Chris,
Oct 28, 2019
Quick and easy! Cheers Initio
By Samuel,
Oct 23, 2019
By Graeme,
Oct 17, 2019
Easy to renew policies and when I made a claim it was handled quickly and well.
Oct 17, 2019
By Jackson,
Oct 14, 2019
So easy to use! So far so good:)
By Gavin,
Oct 10, 2019
Good cover for a competitive price and easy to renew and update as everything is online.
By Samuel,
Oct 9, 2019
By Lionel & Robyn,
Oct 2, 2019
The process is so quick and easy
By Karen,
Sep 27, 2019
You were recommended by my Mortgage Manager and the whole process was very simple with competitive rates
By Anthony,
Sep 9, 2019
Very satisfied.....uncomplicated
By Vivek,
Sep 9, 2019
Value for money and comprehensive policy. 5 Stars!
By Anthony,
Sep 3, 2019
Value for money. Convenient. Comprehensive Cover. Competitive.
By Elliot,
Aug 26, 2019
Great easy way to get a quote and to buy insurance. No hassle easy to follow instructions. Premiums are competitive and miles better than the insurance company that I had been with for nearly 30 years. Initio answered the phone in an appropriate time when I was making an inquiry, and a salesperson returned a call promptly when they were required. Cheers. Many thanks.
By Hongze,
Aug 26, 2019
By Adam,
Aug 20, 2019
Simple and reasonably priced
By Philip,
Aug 18, 2019
Haven't had any issues yet but very easy to sign up and good price. It would be great if there was also no claims bonus or some way of reducing the contents insurance i.e 30,000 value not just starting at 60k or none.
By Deanna,
Aug 15, 2019
Simple, easy, logical and competitive
By Geoffrey,
Aug 15, 2019
Great to deal with!
By Gareth,
Aug 9, 2019
great service, friendly and helpful staff, prices
By William,
Aug 5, 2019
By Judith,
Aug 1, 2019
Just as easy as the first one. Wow.
By Judith,
Aug 1, 2019
For an old girl like me you made it really easy, thank you
By Leslie Brian,
Jul 18, 2019
Online Insurance Cover is easy and convenient and the Hamilton contact is excellent when we have needed to contact Initio for queries, etc.
By christopher,
Jul 18, 2019
if is affordable and easy website to navigate.
By David,
Jul 15, 2019
Easy to understand, intuitive and competitive price. Thanks.
By David,
Jul 9, 2019
Easy to insure. Reasonable premium.
By Andrew,
Jul 5, 2019
Easy to deal with
By Michael Lawrence,
Jul 1, 2019
Easy to renew, competitive, friendly!
By Philip,
Jun 22, 2019
All information is readily available and very easy to update or choose additional cover if needed.
By christine,
Jun 20, 2019
By Grant,
Jun 20, 2019
By Jordan,
Jun 14, 2019
By Brian & Glenda,
Jun 10, 2019
Fabulous service
By John,
Jun 4, 2019
Like the service, and also liked the 6 month inspection which you now changed to three months unfortunately.
By Genjun,
Jun 1, 2019
By Lili,
May 28, 2019
Very simple and intuitive website.
By Caraline,
May 26, 2019
Easy peasy
By Carl,
May 8, 2019
Nice easy sign up. Good price. Dashboard is fantastic.
By Lisa,
May 6, 2019
By Aaren,
Apr 23, 2019
By Anthony,
Apr 18, 2019
The right policy at the right price plus you have been excellent when it comes to making claims
By Esther,
Apr 12, 2019
User friendly site, reasonable pricing, caters to holiday rentals.
By Suzanne Anette,
Apr 3, 2019
So far I have no reason to complain about anything.
By John,
Apr 2, 2019
By Josh,
Mar 26, 2019
When it comes to making a claim, Initio have amazing customer service. They were extremely helpful every step of the way.
By Catherine,
Mar 26, 2019
Good website layout, well written documents, good price.
By Craig,
Mar 14, 2019
Good pricing, simple site to use, quick and easy.
By Joanne and Jason,
Mar 6, 2019
Easy, but would like to deal with a person when insuring such an important item.
By Liam,
Mar 4, 2019
The online process is really easy.
By Janet,
Mar 1, 2019
Easy to navigate website, friendly informative staff with quick responses. Suze Ferry is excellent to deal with.
By bruce,
Feb 24, 2019
Ease of service
By Quinton & Wendy,
Feb 21, 2019
Good bastards
By Vivek,
Feb 13, 2019
By Simon,
Feb 7, 2019
Great price and good service.
By Murray,
Feb 7, 2019
Easy, quick, simple
By Pam,
Jan 28, 2019
Brilliant!! Saved me lots - now have 5 policies with them - so simple and straight forward
By Srikrishna,
Jan 24, 2019
Easy and hassle free insurance quote through to buying. Highly recommended
By Nicholas,
Jan 20, 2019
By Nancy,
Jan 10, 2019
Site was easy to get around. I have already recommended for another house.
By Beryl,
Dec 19, 2018
Just insured our new build through your website (via NZPIF) and what a breeze! Thanks. Awesome service.
By Luke,
Dec 15, 2018
Quick and easy signup process, rates very competitive ... I hope I never have to claim but if I do I hope the service will be superb :)
By Steve/Trish,
Dec 9, 2018
Always found easy to deal with and we have past and currently several policies with you.
By Lena,
Nov 17, 2018
By Gail,
Nov 13, 2018
Easy to follow the instructions to re-new the policy and I recently had a claim due to power fluctuations. There were no issues or delays on your part and the money was in my bank within one week after the claim was made.
By Jiri,
Nov 6, 2018
EASY DONE - awesome to renew, hopefully claim will be also easy if I ever need it ;)
By Michael,
Nov 2, 2018
By Rob,
Oct 24, 2018
Super quick and user friendly site, and initio include the things that really should be insured.
By Lionel & Robyn,
Oct 5, 2018
Very easy to update details and renew policy
By Joanne,
Oct 1, 2018
So far ... so good.
By Shirley,
Sep 19, 2018
Easy, also Initio dealt with our Kaikoura earthquake claims in a professional manner, and there were no hassles.
By Anthony,
Sep 7, 2018
Seems easy and efficient. Never had to make a claim and hope that to continue
By Dominic,
Aug 16, 2018
Saved me money, and was relatively easy
By thomas,
Aug 12, 2018
Easy to do and price competitive
By Robert,
Aug 12, 2018
Easy on line renewal
By Lee,
Aug 8, 2018
Easy to use online service, great prices and have already recommended to others.
By Glenda,
Aug 2, 2018
I lodged the claim online late at night and was advised by 10am the next morning that the money was in my account. This was way beyond my expectations and allowed me to buy a new phone immediately. I have since told a number of people about my experience with Initio. I was very happy with the prompt service. I found out about Initio because it is recommended at Property Investors Palmerston North. It gives me great cover for a reasonable price. Thank you.
By Roger,
Jul 31, 2018
After 4 or 5 years as a client Initio is still the simplest insurer to deal with and has overall the best package to suit our needs.
By Leslie Brian,
Jul 30, 2018
By Karen,
Jul 16, 2018
Cheaper. Have sent the info on to my 2 sons who own houses!
By Bill,
Jul 16, 2018
By Jeremy,
Jul 15, 2018
Best value for money, compared to my previous provider. Also really easy and clear when signing up!
By John,
Jun 29, 2018
Great service from Suze Ferry
By Grant,
Jun 19, 2018
By Dmitri,
Jun 5, 2018
Happy customer
By Gordon and Carol,
May 30, 2018
On line policy prices are getting too expensive and we will be checking else where to see if we continue with Initio
By Caraline,
May 28, 2018
Covientient and much cheaper than other insurers
By Tony,
May 25, 2018
I was very pleased with the whole claim process.
By Paul,
May 10, 2018
Simple, understandable, low premium
By Lisa,
May 9, 2018
because you are pretty good... but thankfully I have not had to make a claim .... then we will see ;)
By Paul,
Apr 25, 2018
I like that you are patient and that you were able to answer any questions that I had about the claims process. The claims process went smoothly which helped a lot when I was quite stressed over the house flood.
By Cathy,
Apr 25, 2018
Because Michael told me to - it was great though :) I just put a rental property and my own home through you guys online and you saved me over $1200 - thanks
By Paul and Leyette,
Apr 24, 2018
Easy renewal, reasonable premiums
By Alita and Jonathan,
Apr 15, 2018
By John,
Mar 26, 2018
Good Service.
By Craig,
Mar 16, 2018
Easy to obtain quote and then proceed with cover. Reasonable charges. Good response from Support.
By Joanne and Jason,
Mar 13, 2018
It's easy and Frank people are super friendly and easy to use.
By Lisa,
Feb 7, 2018
By Barry,
Feb 3, 2018
Always a pleasure to deal with and quick to respond to questions. Competitive pricing and easy to see what's due and pay via the online dashboard.
By Chris,
Jan 31, 2018
Very effecient and friendly staff. The online claim form is very easy to use and convenient. Claims were easy and payments were quick. Due to these reasons, I have just renewed my policy for 2018-19 with initio.
By Anita,
Dec 31, 2017
Ease of use and relationship with Bookabach.
By Jeremy,
Dec 24, 2017
Very simple and straight forward to use and very cost competitive.
By Jacob,
Dec 12, 2017
By Steve and Trish,
Dec 10, 2017
We have had several rental policies with you previously and currently still two plus now our private home and have always found all dealings excellent. We believe we have good cover for reasonable premiums.