Compare Landlord Insurance Policies

We have developed a policy comparison tool to compare landlord insurance policies across popular insurers in New Zealand.

Landlords face additional risks when renting their houses to tenants. An insurance policy that covers these risks and protects your investment is essential for landlords.

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Landlord's Protection

A landlord insurance policy will typically have additional cover that a standard house insurance policy does not include. These are often called a Landlords Extension or Landlords Protection.

This provides cover for loss of rent, accidental and intentional damage by tenants, meth contamination and landlord contents cover.

These are designed to minimise the risks of renting your property. For example if your property is smashed up by the tenants there is malicious damage cover. If your house is flood damaged and can no longer be rented there is further loss of rent cover.

The level of loss of rent, meth contamination and malicious damage cover is very important to consider when comparing landlord insurance policies.

The House Itself

You should also consider the level of cover provided by a policy for the physical house itself.

Almost all policies will fully cover the big risks like natural disasters, floods and fires. The difference of a more comprehensive policy will be in the additional extensions on top of the basic cover.

Extension limits vary between policies. You should check that they are adequate for your requirements. Common extensions include Hidden Gradual Damage, Keys & Locks, Retaining Walls, and Pipe Blockage.

Comparing conditions of policies are also important. For example, you might need cover for pet damage at your rental.

Compare Landlord Insurance

We have picked apart the policy wordings from New Zealand's most popular landlord insurance policies so you can easily compare. Select the insurer on the right and you can contrast the cover against the initio landlord insurance policy. To read full details of each policy select the policy wording link.