Ex Severe Tropical Cyclone Gita

After causing considerable damage and devastation in Tonga, Gita is threatening to hit New Zealand. Met Service have issued heavy rain warnings and strong wind warnings covering a wide expanse of the country. States of emergency have been declared in Christchurch and Buller. If you are affected by flooding and damage, please follow these steps for managing your loss.

Secure your property
Take care of yourself and your property to prevent further loss or damage. If you need to, contact emergency services such as fire, police or your lines company. Do not approach or attempt to remove trees from fallen power lines. Do secure trampolines, playground equipment, and outdoor furniture. These items are known to be great flying missiles.

Check the damage
Take plenty of photos of the damage, if your claim is straightforward we could assess your damage from these. It is important that you record the brand, model numbers, and photos of damaged appliances etc for validation. If possible, retain any damaged items in case we need to view them or obtain a report on the damage.

Black water alert
As a precaution, homes that have been inundated with flood waters from the street or rivers should be treated as contaminated (black water) and extra care taken. See our guidelines on black water and cleaning up after a flood.

Arrange repairs
If you have water damage to floor coverings, contact Jani-King Environmental Flood Remediation team on 0800 526454 to arrange cleaning and drying. If your property requires emergency repairs to prevent further damage, arrange a repairer to attend immediately. It is possible the repairer will be busy with emergency callouts. If so, arrange for them to initially undertake the emergency repairs, then return at a later stage to report on the damage and provide a quotation for full repairs.

Make a claim
Login to your initio dashboard and click ‘make a claim’ answer the questions and upload any relevant documentation such as receipts, quotes, and photos. If you have any additional details or forget to send something initially, you can email [email protected]

EQC – landslip & debris
If your home has been damaged by landslip this may be covered by EQC. You will need to lodge a claim with them direct. This can be done online or by phone: EQC phone: 0800 326 243.

If your claim is urgent and you need to speak to someone, call 0800 763 929, or 0800 560 333 if outside business hours.