House Insurance Calculator

When you take out house insurance you will need to estimate the cost of rebuilding it.

Getting this right is important as it’s the maximum you will be paid if your house is damaged beyond repair.

House Premium Calculator Replacement Value Calculator

Calculate Replacement Value

The sum insured (or replacement value) should equal the cost to fully rebuild your house to its current size, using today’s building costs.

The Cordell Calculator is an independent online tool that uses council construction data on your house to calculate a rebuild estimate. It accounts for your house’s size, building materials, demolition costs, age, and is available for over 99% of New Zealand houses.

Use the calculator as a guide if you’re unsure of the rebuild cost for your house.

Replacement Value Calculator

Calculate Insurance Premium

If you have an estimate for your rebuild costs, you’re ready to calculate your house insurance premium.

Our online Quote Calculator gives you a quick and easy insurance quote. Simply start by entering the details of your house, and we will provide you with a premium quote.

Calculate your premium in just 30 seconds with New Zealand’s fastest house insurance quote.

House Premium Calculator

How often should I check my sum insured?

We recommend checking your sum insured each year. Building material costs, labour costs and inflation and likely to increase the rebuild cost of your house as time goes on.

Checking each year will give you an up-to-date estimate of these rising costs, and ensure you are not under-insured. Under our annual house insurance policy, we will ask you to review and renew your sum insured figure at each annual renewal.

Contents Calculator

If you include contents cover in your policy you will also need to estimate the total value of your contents. This should be enough to fully replace all the contents at your home.

Our Contents Calculator Tool helps you break down your contents room-by-room to give you a suggested sum insured option. This is the most we’ll pay for your contents so you need to be sure that it’s enough to replace your items at today’s prices.

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Getting the sums right

No one knows a house like the person who owns it. talks about what it takes to rebuild from scratch.

Sorted – what would it take to rebuild

Rebuild valuation by an expert

The most accurate way of understanding the cost to rebuild a property is a full elemental breakdown of the cost.  Quantity surveyors are qualified to undertake this work.

Construction Cost Consultants 

Instant house insurance replacement value calculator

Online replacement value calculators provide a very useful indication of the actual cost to replace the property by simply entering the property address.  Replacement value calculators use public data and other material costs to calculate the value.

Quick replacement value house insurance calculator

A guide to rebuilding in NZ

Confused offers a great guide discussing building costs and calculating sum insured in New Zealand.

Confused – how to calculate rebuild costs 

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