House & contents insurance - made easy

Initio uses technology to make insurance easy and pay claims fast

Initio provides a quick, non-creepy insurance experience.

Get a quote in seconds and if you like what you see you can start the cover online, with payment by credit card or real time bank transfer. Certificate of insurance to your inbox in a couple of seconds, and the flexibility to change your cover and make a claim online anytime through your own personalised dashboard.

Initio uses technology to save customers time and money. Most importantly Initio cuts the non-sense and pays claims quickly.

Initio is here to help. If you need assistance with your insurance click here to contact us.

My Mortgage

My Mortgage and initio have teamed up to provide you with a competitive online option for your house and contents insurance, rental properties and holiday homes.

My Mortgage recommends initio because its easy, lower cost, and they don’t mess around on claims.

From our customers

Initio are cheaper than other insurance companies by up to 1/3 and offer similar cover. In my opinion it’s a no-brainer to insure your properties with them.
Instant online insurance
House insurance that matters
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Instant online insurance

No long-winded phone calls or mountains of paperwork, we provide instant, online quotes for your property, and take the same approach to claims.

When you insure with us you get instant cover confirmation. At claim time you can easily lodge and see the progress on your dashboard.

About Us

Cover that matters

We know property insurance, and that's why when you tell us what sort of house you have we tell you what cover you should have.

We don't expect you to build your own policy, we include the things that matter, bells and whistles too.

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New Zealand-owned and only online means we're here when you need us. There's no hold music, no chatbots, just damn-good, kiwi-based support, whichever way you want it.

Receive all the efficiency and transparency of lodging your claim online, with the benefit of a human touch. Why not have your claim-cake and eat it too.

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