Own Home and Contents Excesses

Often when we talk to our customers, and they tell us how much they love initio; unfortunately that can be followed by a but…. The most common ‘but’ we hear is that they don’t want the same excess for their home and contents. We agreed that was a reasonable request and put our developers to work.

The benefit of having an in house development team is that we can make changes on the fly. So even though this wasn’t a schedule update; we found some time between two larger development projects and got it done. The best part about making a change like this is the validation. The very next day after rolling out the update, we had an exisiting customer log in to their dashboard and insure their own home and contents. They were able to choose a $2,000 excess on their home, and a $400 excess on their contents.

Initio loves satisfied customers, which is why when something isn’t quite right, we make the necessary changes to improve it. And on that note, it is back to our next project – monthly payments.