Real online insurance with initio. Don’t be tricked by others

Don’t fall for insurers making you think that you can buy their insurance online.

Many of them advertise [and have google results] for online insurance, buy rental insurance online etc.  A customer is lead to believe that he/she can get insurance online but is usually presented with the following:

“One of our insurance consultants will be in touch to provide you with a rental house insurance quote….”

“Online house insurance… Please fill in your details below…Please select what time you would like to be contacted”.   – the worst thing about this is that you have to give them your details before you even get a price (initio doesn’t ask you for your details until you want the insurance)

“Call … now on 0800… for a quote”

Talking to someone on the phone completed insurance documentation by mail defeats the whole purpose of being online.

The process of talking to someone on the phone and filling in physical forms is inefficient and likely costs you more in premium.  Stick to the real online providers – Initio Insurance.

Rest assured that you CAN actually purchase AND manage your insurance online with initio.