How To: Intentional Vandalism by Tenants Claim

Found deliberate damage at your rental property? Don’t worry, your Initio landlord insurance policy covers up to $25,000 of deliberate damage by tenants. If you’ve found holes in walls, smashed windows, graffiti etc, please follow our below steps.

What you need to do

1. Take photos of the damage
2. Get a quote to repair any damage
3. Login to your initio dashboard and select ‘Make a Claim’ on the property. Complete our smart claims process and attach your photos and quotes.
4. Hold tight. We will email or call within a business day to tell you what happens next.

Remember the more information the better. Feel free to include other documents like inspections reports, tenant references or anything you might thing is relevant. This can help us determine when damage occurred, and speed up our claims process for you.

What will we cover?

The intentional damage caused by the tenant is covered. However, bear in mind that insurance is designed to help you recover from unexpected sudden losses, but does not cover maintenance or damage over time. Like all insurance, an excess will apply to each damage event.

If there has been damage from one event – such as an out of control tenant party – all the damage is covered under one excess. However, if there has been multiple causes of damage over the course of a tenancy, multiple excesses may apply.

When do Multiple Excesses Apply?


Will initio send an assessor?

If damage is significant and needs further examination we may get an assessor to your property. Usually if the damage is likely to be under $5,000 then we are happy to proceed based on photographs and formal written quotations.

What is my excess?

Your standard policy excess will apply. This amount is chosen when you first purchase your policy. If you can’t remember, check your policy schedule which you can find on your dashboard.

Can I use my own repairer or does initio have companies I must use?

You can use any repairer or supplier you like as long as their costs are reasonable. Please make sure you are happy with the standard of work they provide.

If you want us to provide you with a recommended repair, we are more than happy to provide you details of an approved repairer.

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