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Are you part of a school, charity, or volunteer organisation
looking for ways to raise funds?

At initio, we’re keen to explore opportunities to give back
to our community and make a meaningful impact.

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Are you a fit for our sponsorship program?

  1. Local schools

    Could your school benefit from extra funding to enhance facilities, resources, or support fundraising goals?

  2. Community charities

    Could your community charity use a financial boost to expand its services, launch new projects, or meet its operational needs?

  3. Local sports teams

    Could your amateur sports team or club benefit from sponsorship to enhance participation in physical activity and team sports? Financial support could assist with purchasing equipment, uniforms, or covering travel costs for tournaments.

Why Partner with us?

  1. Kickass cover

    We don’t expect our customers to build their own policy, we include the things that matter, bells and whistles too.

  2. Seamless online experience

    We provide instant, online quotes for your property and vehicles, and take the same approach to claims.

  3. Financial kickbacks

    If your charity is passionate about expanding its impact and seeking new funding opportunities, joining our program could be the perfect fit. We offer financial rewards for your efforts in spreading the word about our services.

  1. Competitive pricing

    Our technology carries the workload meaning we can deliver sharp pricing to support our great cover.

  2. Transparent tracking

    We’ll give you monthly reports on how you are tracking.

  3. Content & creative

    We’ll give you all the help you need to spread the word.

From our customers

Initio are cheaper than other insurance companies by up to 1/3 and offer similar cover. In my opinion itโ€™s a no-brainer to insure your properties with them.