Customer claims

Natural Disaster – Kaikoura Earthquake November 2016

Background: Olivia’s holiday home in Kaikoura shook during the November earthquake.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but the property was damaged.  Paintings and furniture had scraped against the walls, doors wouldn’t shut properly and the floor level had dropped substantially in one part of the home. Claim Process: Olivia logged into… Learn more

Tenant Damages Rental Property

Malicious Damage By Tenant – August 2017 Background Baxter owned a rental property in Whangamata and employed a property manager to manage the tenancy and inspections.  Baxter had model tenants, the property was always kept in good condition, the lawns mowed regularly and rent payments were never missed. Then, in… Learn more

Broken Glass

Accidental loss claim – December 2017 Background Rebecca owns a holiday home at Waihi Beach.  During the month of January a guest went to open a ranch slider and accidentally put their knee through the glass pane at the bottom of the door – thankfully the guest only had a… Learn more


Fire – March 2017 Background Sophie owns a rental property in Auckland.  During her regular 6 monthly inspection, she noticed fire damage in the laundry area.  The tenant confirmed that his children had been playing with matches in the laundry two weeks prior and had accidentally set fire to the… Learn more

Methamphetamine, P, Ice, Meth, Pure

Methamphetamine Contamination – March 2018 Background William owns a rental property in Wellington.  In March 2018 he evicted his tenants for non-payment of rent.  Neighbours advised that there were parties at the property and a lot of smoking in the back porch area.  William tested the property for meth and… Learn more

Stolen Heatpump

Burglary Claim – March 2018 Background Ethan owned a rental property in Nelson which he insured with Initio in July 2015.  While the property was vacant between tenants, Ethan took the opportunity to complete some general maintenance to the home.  On the third day of work, Ethan arrived at the property… Learn more

Storm Damage

Fence blown over – May 2018 Background: During a severe storm in Auckland, Max’s front fence blew over, snapping the posts off at the ground.  After the storm cleared, Max attempted fixing the fence, but it was obvious that it was beyond repair.  Max called in the professionals and got… Learn more

Slipped through a shower door

Accident loss claim – November 2017 Background Simon took out a landlord’s insurance policy with Initio for his property in Palmerston North in September. Not having used Initio before and only having one policy, he was like many clients and a bit unsure  how his policy would respond if he… Learn more

Burst pipe in a bathroom

Water damage claim – September 2017 Background Jonathan is a landlord of 12 properties in the Waikato region. Other than a few small glass claims in 20 years he had never lodged a claim.  He got a call on a Saturday from a tenant who had been on a holiday… Learn more