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Are the contents in my rental/holiday home covered?

Our policy provides automatic cover of $20,000 for landlord’s contents and chattels, which includes furniture.  As per the policy wording this is a PRESENT DAY value cover not full replacement cover.  Meaning that if the contents are damaged or stolen the cover will pay the present day value (i.e. depreciated value) not what it costs to replace the item for a new one. You can increase the present day value cover to $40,000 for additional premium.

If you require full replacement cover for your holiday home contents you can choose either $60,000, $90,000, $120,000 or $220,000 of replacement contents cover.  The total premium will change on the quote screen as you select the different cover options. We recommend that you seriously think about what it would cost to replace your contents, people often under estimate the amount of contents cover they require.

More information about understanding contents cover can be found in our guide.