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What contents items do I need to specify?

Your contents items are covered up to the total sum insured you select on your policy. However, there are limits to the payout of some particular items. The limits for these items are as below.

Jewellery & Watches: $3,000 per item
Camera or Camera Equipment: $3,000 per item
Bicycles: $2,000 per bike
Remotely Piloted Aircraft: $3,000 per aircraft
Watersport Equipment: $2,000 per item
Money, bullion, stones, bank cards: $1,000 total
Collections (Stamps, medals, coins): $3,000 per collection

All other items other than these are covered and do not need to be listed as specified items.

Only items that are included above and are over the listed dollar limit need to be listed as specified items to be fully covered.

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