What contents items do I need to specify?

Your contents items are covered up to the total sum insured you select on your policy. However, there are limits to the payout of some particular items.

The limits on the items below can be increased if you specify a specific item for a higher amount;

Jewellery & Watches:

$3,000 per item

Camera or Camera Equipment:

$3,000 per item


$2,000 per bike

Watersport Equipment:

$2,000 per item

Collections (Stamps, medals, coins):

$3,000 per collection

Multiple Items of Jewellery

Maximum payment – for multiple items of unspecified jewellery and watches Unless a different maximum payment amount is shown in the schedule, the most we will pay for any event for multiple items of jewellery and watches that are not specified items is $15,000. For example, if you lose 10 pieces of jewellery, each with a value of $2,000, the most we will pay is $15,000 unless we have previously agreed to increase the limit to $20,000.


We can’t insure e-bikes with a maximum power output above 300 watts as the NZTA doesn’t consider them to be a bike. Visit NZTA to learn more. If they exceed the maximum power output, they must be insured under a motorcycle policy.

Maximum power output is different to the size of the motor. For example, a 600w motor might only produce a max power output of 250w. We recommend you check with the manufacturer.


The cover is automatically provided under your existing home contents policy for drones and their accessories for up to $3,000, provided the drone is;

  • only used for personal use (ie. Not commercial/business) and
  • is operated within NZ Aviation legislation and
  • reasonable precautions/care are taken when securing and operating the drone

Drones are insured for replacement value whilst they are under 2 years old, present/market value applies for drones over 2 years old.

Initio Replacement Contents Cover