Own Home Contents Cover

Simple, comprehensive and affordable personal contents insurance for your home.

Combine contents with your house insurance policy and save money.

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Comprehensive Replacement Cover

New for Old

Most items covered for brand new replacement, not depreciated replacement.

One Excess per Event

If there's damage to both home and contents (e.g. flood), only one excess applies.

Legal Liability

Includes $1 million of cover for damage you personally cause.

Do you have the right Contents Cover?

You may not realise how important your contents are until something goes badly wrong.

When disaster strikes, you might find that you need new replacement of your belongings. A depreciated cash pay out may not be enough to get back on track.

Replacement vs. Present Value

Insurers often have options for a comprehensive contents cover, and a less extensive present value cover.

Comprehensive policies typically have new replacement cover for most of your belongings. Present value policies offer more affordable premiums, but only pay out depreciated, second-hand item values.

Pay out difference between a replacement and present value policy is significant for items that lose value quickly. A six month old used phone is worth significantly less than buying the same phone new.

Benefits of Combined House & Contents

You can save time and money by combining home and contents cover in one easy policy and place.

This helps come claim time. If both your house and contents are damaged (think flood, or forceful burglary), it’s easier to manage both claims under a single policy and insurer. You also get the benefit of only paying one excess.

How are contents claims paid out?

We cover your contents items in two ways, depending on the item.

New Repair or Replacement

Item is replaced or repaired to new condition.

You lost your iPhone 11 that you brought last year. $1,500 is paid for a brand new replacement iPhone 11.

Present Value Repair or Replacement

Item is replaced or repaired to current value.

You lost the same iPhone 11 you brought last year, and a depreciated $750 pay out is made based on its second-hand value.

Initio Market Value Replacement Items

We cover some items to their second-hand market value.

  • Books
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Media, Software, Programs and Digital Data
  • Camping & Sports Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Boating Accessories
  • Remote Airplanes, and Accessories
  • Household Linen
  • Computers/Laptops over 5 years Old

Initio New-for-Old Replacement Items

We cover all other contents for new-for-old replacement or repair.

  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers/Laptops (less than 5 years old)
  • Couches & Furniture
  • Beds & Mattress
  • Jewellery, Watches & Cameras
  • TV's & Speakers
  • Cutlery & Cooking Utensils
  • Garden Appliances (including lawnmowers)
  • All other contents not under 'market value' list

Sum Insured Options

Choose your appropriate level of cover for your home.


Excess Options

Separate your house insurance excess and your contents excess.


Don't know what to insure your contents for?

Use our custom Contents Calculator to help estimate what your household contents are worth.

Initio Contents Calculator

What Items do I need to Specify?

Your belongings are covered up to the total sum insured you select. However, there are limits for some particular items.

Jewellery & Watches: $3,000 per item
Camera or Camera Equipment: $3,000 per item
Bicycles: $2,000 per bike
Remotely Piloted Aircraft: $3,000 per aircraft
Watersport Equipment: $2,000 per item
Money, bullion, stones, bank cards: $1,000 total
Collections (Stamps, medals, coins): $3,000 per collection

Only above items that are worth more than the limits need to be specified. Otherwise, they are automatically covered up to the limits.


Other Additional Policy Benefits

We also automatically cover various extensions. This means you are covered when away from home, or moving to a new address.

Contents Away from Home Temporarily removed e.g. contents in car
Contents in Transit Cover when moving contents to new address
Overseas Travel $5,000 cover (travel in Australia & Pacific Islands)
Children Away from Home Up to $5,000 cover
High Value Items Covered automatically
Frozen Food Where freezer is switched off
Home Office $10,000 cover, $1,500 away from home


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