House claim

How to: Water Damage Claim

If you have home and contents insurance with Initio and your home suffers water damage, here’s what you need to do: Get the water turned off or at least isolate the leak to stop water flowing to it. You might need to get a plumber to do this for you. Learn more

Is the cause of damage covered?

The source or cause of damage to the home is not always covered by a house insurance policy. Insurance is designed to cover the result of something going wrong, but not the cause of damage itself. For example, an old pipe decays and eventually bursts, causing water damage to the… Learn more

Is my water damage Sudden or Hidden Gradual damage?

Gradual water damage claims are not always straightforward. Home insurance protects you from sudden damage like a burst water pipe. But gradual damage over time generally isn’t covered. There’s an exception to this. Most house insurance policies in New Zealand have a extension for Hidden Gradual Water Damage extension. However,… Learn more