What contents are covered for market value?

Our comprehensive personal contents protection is based on new-for-old cover. There are however a few items that are covered for their current value, where your payout will be based on the item’s present (or market) value:


Market Value Replacement Items:
 Clothing & Footwear
 Media, Software, Programs and Digital Data
 Camping and Sports Equipment
 Boats & Boating Accessories
 Remote Airplanes, and Accessories
 Household Linen
 Computers, Laptops over 5 years old
Camping Equipment
Watercraft, Watersport Equipment, and Accessories
Remotely Piloted Aircraft, over 2 years old, and Parts and Accessories
Sports Equipment, not including Golf Equipment
Bicycle, E-Bikes

The items listed above are contents that will be replaced for its present value.

Don’t worry, all your other belongings that aren’t listed above will be covered on a new-for-old basis.


For more information:

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