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Is Meth Testing Required?

Regular meth testing is not a requirement under our landlord cover, but it is recommended.

We provide $30,000 of meth cleaning, and additional loss of rent cover. You do not have to record inter-tenancy meth testing to have this cover.

If you suspect there’s meth contamination at your property; and you then get a positive test, we will cover the test and cleaning costs. You don’t have to show us a record of past meth tests.

However, we still strongly recommend landlords test their properties for meth in the following instances.

1. In between tenants

To avoid future hearings at the tenancy tribunal, you should test your properties in between tenancies. This will help you recognise who is responsible for causing meth contamination if you have a positive reading.

2. When you purchase a property

Real estate agents only have to tell buyers if a property has contamination reading over 15 μg. However, your insurer may not provide cover if the result is over 1.5 μg. You also cannot tenant a property that exceeds 1.5 μg.

A meth test before purchasing could save you significant future cleaning costs.

3. If you suspect drug use or manufacture

If you see signs of drug use or manufacture; or if the police have drug raided the property, you should get it tested. Letting a house become contaminated could effect your ability to sell or rent the property in the future.

Unlawful Substances Liability Cover

The only time where testing is required is under our liability cover for unlawful substances. This includes cover for accidental loss you cause to other’s property that you are held liable for in relation to your ownership of the house. For full details, see page 18 of our policy wording here.

An example of this could be where your old tenant contaminated your rental with meth. A new tenant then lives in your contaminated rental and holds you liable for contamination damage to their belongings.

For us to cover this scenario, you would need to test before and after each tenancy.


Found a positive meth reading at your property?

If you have done a meth test at your property that has showed a positive reading, you can make a claim from your initio dashboard log in. For guidance on making a meth contamination claim, please see our guide here.