What do I do after a positive meth test?

Finding out your property is contaminated with meth can be scary. Here’s a quick few tips to helping you through making and managing a claim.

Step 1: Get a detailed composite test

If you’ve detected meth at your property it’s likely this was from a base-level composite test, or with a self-testing kit. After a positive preliminary test you’ll need to get a full detailed test. This is a room by room test that take sample wipes in accordance with the IANZ accredited NISOH testing method.

When you receive this test back check that any part of the house has a reading above the 1.5 μg MOH level. Usually this is the case, and means you can make a claim on your policy.

Step 2: Lodge a claim through your dashboard

If the detailed test shows levels over 1.5 μg then login to your dashboard to make a claim. We’ll also need the following documents which you can upload along with the claim:

  • Composite test result and invoice
  • Test report from the testing company that includes photos and details of samples
  • Invoice for detailed test
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Tenancy reference checks
  • Written inspection reports

Remember that you need to meet your landlord obligations to have cover for meth contamination.

Step 3: Get a cleaning quote

You will need to get a meth decontamination company to give you a quote for cleaning the property back below 1.5 μg. They’ll use your detailed test results to put this together.

When you receive this send us a copy to [email protected]. We will then advise you about going ahead with the cleaning.

If you need any assistance or support during the process please do not hesitate to contact us.