Is my rental property covered for Meth?

Meth Contamination is one of the largest loss leaders for landlords in New Zealand. Cleaning costs for a well contaminated house can easily cost over $10,000.

When do we cover meth testing and cleaning costs?

If you have our landlord cover and you get a positive reading over 1.5 μg our meth cover applies.

We’ll pay up to $30,000 for testing and cleaning the house back to a level below 1.5 μg. A higher $2,500 excess applies to meth however in most cases this cost comfortably exceeded.

Loss of Rent

It can take several weeks, or even months for a property to be fully cleaned for meth. During this cleaning your property won’t be able to be rented.

Our landlord insurance will also cover the lost rents during this period, over and above the $30,000 limit for meth cleaning. We’ll cover the rents until either the property is cleaned (and can be rented again), or the loss of rent limit you selected on your policy has been reached (usually $20,000).

What do I need to do to have meth cover?

To have meth contamination cover you’ll need to meet our landlord obligations. Please make sure you’re doing these so you’re not caught out when you need to make a meth claim.

For details on when meth testing is required, see here.