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Is my rental property covered for Meth Contamination?

Meth Contamination is a leading cause of loss for New Zealand landlords. Our comprehensive landlord insurance automatically covers meth contamination.

When do we cover meth testing and cleaning costs?

If you test your property for meth (to NZS 8510 Standards), which then confirms a positive reading over 1.5 μg we will cover the costs to de-contaminate the property.

  • $30,000 Cover, $2,500 Excess

Cleaning costs are covered up to $30,000. A $2,500 excess applies, so cover is triggered when cleaning costs are over $2,500. In most positive test cases, this is easily achieved.

This includes meth readings in connection with consumption, manufacturing or distribution of the drug.

Loss of Rent

It can take several weeks, or even months for a property to be decontaminated. During this cleaning your property will be unable to be rented.

Lost rental income cover is included in our landlord insurance. Loss of rent payments are made on top of the $30,000 of cleaning cover. We pay out weekly rents until the property is cleaned and can be rented again.

  • 12 Months Loss of Rent, or up to the Loss of Rent sum insured you select

What do I need to do to have meth cover?

Meth cleaning is part of our landlord’s protection cover. This means that to have the cover you must meet the Landlord Obligations.

These reduce the chances of bad tenants and involves things like tenant reference checks, and monitoring when rents are overdue. To read the full Landlord Obligations, please see here.

For details on when meth testing is required, see here.