Contents insurance basics

What contents items do I need to specify?

Your contents items are covered up to the total sum insured you select on your policy. However, there are limits to the payout of some particular items. The limits on the items below can be increased if you specify a specific item for a higher amount; Jewellery & Watches: $3,000… Learn more

What contents are covered for market value?

Our comprehensive personal contents protection is based on new-for-old cover. There are however a few items that are covered for their current (or present) value, where your payout will be based on the items value after taking into account some depreciation. Market Value Replacement Items:  Books  Clothing & Footwear  Media,… Learn more

Are lawnmowers covered under contents insurance?

Lawn mowers (and other domestic garden appliances like a hedge trimmer) are covered as standard under our contents insurance. Lawn mowers do not need to be listed as specified item to be covered. This also includes ride-on lawnmowers (as long as they are used personally at your house). If… Learn more

Are my Hearing Aids covered?

There’s replacement cover for your Hearing Aids under our homeowners contents cover. Hearing Aids are automatically covered so you won’t need to list them separately on your policy. To see a list of contents items that need to be listed, see here. Learn more