Landlord claim

Got a claim from a major flood, storm or natural disaster?

If you have suffered a loss during a major weather or disaster event, you’ll no doubt have some questions about the process.  During a widespread event there is a significant increase in the volume and complexity of claims, and for this reason a dedicated approach major claims is setup. … Learn more

Can more than one excess apply to a claim?

There can be unfortunate scenarios where you may have to pay your excess more than once when you make a single house insurance claim. We try to make insurance transparent for everyone, but there are insurance conventions that we have to work with.  Applying an excess per incident can… Learn more

Understanding the Gluckman Meth Report

The Government recently commissioned Sir Peter Gluckman to prepare a report on meth. The report identified that in other countries meth investigations focused on identifying meth labs, and that the New Zealand approach is to hold meth labs and meth smoking to the same standard. This has caused a… Learn more

What do I do after a positive meth test?

Finding out your property is contaminated with meth can be scary. Here’s a quick few tips to helping you through making and managing a claim. Step 1: Get a detailed composite test If you’ve detected meth at your property it’s likely this was from a base-level composite test, or with… Learn more