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Insider Tip #3

Do you know what goes on in your property? One of initio’s largest claims was contamination caused by a methamphetamine laboratory that was discovered during a police raid. While these kids are simply enjoying experimenting with their new science lab, the lab set up in your rental property might not… Learn more

Insider Tip #2

Most home insurance policies will not cover you for construction related damage. For example, if a tradies skill saw catches on fire and burns part of your home your home insurance policy would not pay the claim. Or if you removed a window, and an unexpected storm passes through causing… Learn more

Insider Tip #1

Do you know what goes on in your property? One of initio’s first ever claims was a large fire caused by a child playing with matches in a wardrobe. While this is rather cliche, it does happen, and the consequences can be very serious. Fortunately, working smoke alarms meant no… Learn more

Methamphetamine Update

Until the government changes the standard, contamination over the current 1.5mg/100cm2 limit will trigger a landlord insurance claim. It is concerning that the Real Estate Agents Authority moved so quickly to only declaring limits over 15mg/100cm2. Continue to do your due diligence when purchasing property as contaminated homes (over 1.5mg/100cm)… Learn more

Winter Checklist

Each year initio sees a significant rise in claims during the winter months. Traditionally winter is time of the year when we see the most storms, flooding and water damage. Winter is also when we spend the most time indoors. Not surprisingly most residential house fires occur during winter. Learn more

Renovating your home

Your home insurance policy does not cover you for construction related damage while your are renovating your home. For example, if a tradies skill saw catches on fire and burns part of your home your home insurance policy would not pay the claim. Or if you removed a window, and an… Learn more

Heard about TINZ?

T.I.N.Z. is New Zealand’s largest tenancy database. If you’re a landlord and you’re self managing your rental properties, you need to join T.I.N.Z. If you’re a property manager, you probably already know how useful the Tenancy Information NZ database is. Once you have registered with T.I.N.Z. (free for… Learn more

Ex Severe Tropical Cyclone Gita

After causing considerable damage and devastation in Tonga, Gita is threatening to hit New Zealand. Met Service have issued heavy rain warnings and strong wind warnings covering a wide expanse of the country. States of emergency have been declared in Christchurch and Buller. If you are affected by flooding and… Learn more

What is a Gradual Damage claim?

Your initio home insurance policy covers sudden, accidental damage to your home. An insurance policy is designed to help you recover from unexpected losses that can not be prevented.  It is not a maintenance contract, and is not designed to cover wear and tear. With any insurance policy there are… Learn more

Cyclone Fehi

A severe weather watch has been in place for much of the country as Cyclone Fehi wreaks havoc.  If you are affected by flooding and damage, please follow these steps for managing your loss. Secure your property Take care of yourself and your property to prevent further loss or damage. Learn more

Stormy Weather

Once again wild weather is storming up and down the country. As the water damage claims start flooding into the initio team, it seems like a good time to give you some tips on managing storm damage. Secure your property Take care of yourself and your property to prevent further… Learn more


Congratulations Frank Risk Management Last night our friends and colleagues at Frank Risk were recognised with the Australia New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) Small-Medium Broking Company of the Year Award. This is the second year in a row they have won the award. Frank Risk Management… Learn more

Understanding what is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord, or Rental Property Insurance is an insurance policy that specifically covers the property owner (Landlord) for their Rental Home and some of the risks associated with being a landlord. Owning and insuring a rental property is a bit different from owning and insuring your  own home. That’s why it’s… Learn more

Learn the top 5 mistakes when insuring a home

When arranging home insurance customers will often email or phone for advice. We have complied the top 5 mistakes that we often hear. 1. Reducing the sum insured to save money 2. Not considering the correct sum insured 3. Not choosing the right excess 4. Choosing the cheapest… Learn more

How does an excess work?

Insurance is full of jargon, and one piece of jargon that we use often is ‘excess’. Insurers assume that their clients know what an excess is and how it works. This article will give you a clearer understanding of excesses. What is an Excess? An excess is the contribution that you… Learn more

How to claim on your insurance

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a claim on your property? At initio we have compiled a step by step guide to help you navigate making a claim. Step 1. Secure your Property Take care of yourself and your property to prevent further loss… Learn more

Contents Cover Explained

When you insure your Holiday Home or Own Home with initio you have choices when it comes to your Contents Insurance. You can choose how much cover (your sum insured) and which type of cover – Replacement Value or Present Day Value. After reading this, you will understand the differences… Learn more

Top tips to protect your rental house from fire

With Winter well and truly upon us, the heaters have come out. Not surprisingly most residential house fires occur during winter. Kitchen fires make up about a quarter of all house fires – they commonly start from unattended cooking and can quickly spread. As a landlord there are steps you… Learn more

Top 5 things to check for in your Landlord Insurance policy

As a landlord, the risks to which you are exposed are often not covered by a standard insurance policy. When taking this next step on the property ladder it is important to have the right Landlord Insurance cover in place to save yourself from headaches down the track. Does your… Learn more

What are the consequences of meth in rental properties?

Andrew King, of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation, has written a common sense article on the consequences of meth in rental properties.  The consequences of Meth in rental properties has been escalating over the last few years. Fortunately it isn’t the actual health consequences of meth in rentals (except… Learn more

Deferring property maintenance will cost you more

While keeping yields high on your rental property is generally the objective, as a landlord it’s important to keep up with maintenance as deferring it can end up costing you a lot more. The added benefit is that well maintained properties are less likely to suffer weather and fire related… Learn more

Levies on the increase

Double whammy on levies Did you know that a large portion of your house insurance premium goes to the government in levies. For the average initio house insurance policy sold through our site, over a THIRD of the cost to the home owner is… Learn more

Landlords Insurance Q & A

Landlords Insurance Q&A – what you need to know about insuring your investment property. Recently we were approached by the Auckland Property Investors Association to do a brief Q&A on landlords insurance, and some of the risks that landlords face in the modern market. You can find some of the… Learn more

Insurance in 2017

2016 in review: With 2016 gone and everyone returning from the beach, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the events of the past 12 months and provide an update on changes to the insurance market for 2017. 2016 saw a large rise in the prevalence of meth contamination… Learn more

Insurance or maintenance?

Knowing just how far the cover goes is one of the most important things to consider with insurance. Knowing what can and can’t be covered means you can better prepare and plan for the unforeseen. In general, insurance is there to protect you from the unforeseeable events beyond your control. Learn more

The best ways to save on insurance

At Initio we’ve worked hard to have some of best rates in the market for rental property and holiday home insurance. As well as offering competitive pricing, the cover is tailored to tenanted properties so that you can be sure to have the correct amount of cover. There have been… Learn more

Choosing the right tenant for your property

Choosing the right tenant for your property Choosing who you have living in your property can be one of the most stressful parts of being a landlord. Your property may have  lot of your own time, effort, and finance in to getting your property just right, and having a “bad… Learn more

Insure your own home on Initio

More options online with Initio Here at Initio, we’re all about making insurance affordable and easy to manage, which is why you can now insure your own home and contents online with Initio! This is an exclusive offer, only available to customers of Initio who currently insure their Rental Property(s)… Learn more

Tips to help protect your Rental Property

Being a landlord comes with unique benefits and advantages. However, there are also risks with having tenants or guests stay in your property. To best protect yourself and your property, it’s important to know where to look and who to trust. In most cases, you can learn the most from… Learn more

Landmark Court ruling means landlords (and their insurers) cannot recover damage costs from tenants

A landmark Court of Appeal ruling means landlords are now unable to recover the cost of any damage accidentally caused by tenants AMI Insurance had been attempting to recover a $216,413.28 repair bill since March 2009, after a house it had insured was gutted by fire when a pot of… Learn more