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Are you ready for the upcoming Healthy Homes deadline?

For any new tenancy agreement signed after 01 July 2021 your property will legally have to comply with all five Healthy Homes Standards within the first 90 days. To keep on top of things here’s a reminder of what the changes mean,… Learn more

Should you rely on the Airbnb Host Guarantee?

Many hosts rely on Airbnb’s well-advertised $1USD million of free Host Guarantee cover. But be warned, this can lull you into a false sense of security leaving many disappointed when they make a claim but find they don’t tick the boxes. The rules are specific,… Learn more

Checking for meth before buying a house

New Zealand’s growing meth crisis means there is yet another risk to be aware of when buying a house. The hot recent housing market has seen Kiwis buying and selling houses at some of the highest rates ever. While the effects… Learn more

218-1 The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill - how does it impact my landlord insurance?

This week, law changes to the Residential Tenancies legislation is set to strengthen renter’s rights. It aims to transition a landlord’s rental house into a tenant’s home.   Looking specifically at landlord insurance, the change that will have the most ramifications on landlord insurance is the removal of no-cause evictions. Essentially,… Learn more

KITT Property Management - a fresh approach to management for landlords

Initio CEO’s experience as a property investor I’ve always been interested in property investing.  I purchased my first property when I was 19 years old and got the property investing bug.  In the years following I acquired additional rental properties.   There is something about land and housing that… Learn more

Non Disclosure and what to tell your insurer

What Information is important to initio There are 2 main categories of information: Information relating to you, e.g. your insurance history, any claims made, any criminal convictions you have, if you have been bankrupt; and Information relating to your property e.g. if you have tenants in your house, if you… Learn more

Loss of Airbnb rental income due to Covid 19? Am I covered by insurance?

Homes that are rented out to short-staying paying guests are experiencing booking cancellations and reduced occupancy (loss of income) due to fears and government restrictions relating to Covid-19.  We take a look at whether insurance provides cover. Covid-19, also known as the Coronavirus has caused major impact to visitor travel… Learn more

Busting house insurance myths

For many people, insurance is the ultimate grudge spend. Along with council rates it typically represents one of the most significant expenses associated with home ownership. Because of the intangible nature of insurance, and its status as everyone’s most hated expense, the insurance industry often gets a bad reputation from… Learn more

2019 Initio Claims Awards

Covering yourself for an unexpected event that leads to damage and financial loss is exactly what insurance is for. For house and contents insurance, you are most likely to think of your typical risks that might include fire, property flooding or theft of contents. However, insurance goes much further the… Learn more

The top 5 mistakes to avoid when insuring property

Buying a home or property is a large part of the classic Kiwi lifestyle, and it tends to be the biggest investment most Kiwis will make in their lifetimes. When it comes to arranging house or landlord insurance, New Zealander’s want peace of mind for their asset – and so… Learn more

Protecting your house and contents over Christmas

Its the busiest time of year …. for burglars.  House insurance is just one part of managing your house and contents risk.  Heres a guide on protecting your property. It’s coming into that time of year where we like to take a load off – relax for a… Learn more

Insurance for the tomorrow's customer - Rene Swindley- ICNZ Conference 2019

Having started a company that challenged the way things have always been done in insurance, our director, Rene Swindley, who is the recipient of the 2018 Young Insurance Professional of the Year, was asked to speak to the 2019 Insurance Council of New Zealand Conference on… Learn more

Duty of disclosure - law changes ahead

The current situation – Duty of full disclosure Duty is on you to disclose anything that may affect the insurance company’s decision to cover you.   When you apply for insurance you are asked declaration questions by the insurance company. You are expected to answer these to… Learn more

Kiwi tech platform recognised for changing property insurance (media release)

Hamilton, New Zealand – 1st October 2019 Specialist online property insurer, Initio, has been named as a finalist in the 2019 New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards, run by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF). Nominated as ‘Innovation of the Year’, the Waikato-based insuretech is… Learn more

Initio claims at glance

When you think about claims, people generally jump to their own worst fear of their property burning to the ground, and that’s exactly why we all buy insurance. Big marketing hypes insurance products as providing ‘peace of mind’, but what you’re literally purchasing is compensation in the event you submit… Learn more

Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 breeds uncertainty  (Media Release)

Auckland, New Zealand – Initio media release  New tenancy legislation comes in effect today under the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 (RTAA). Among other things, the RTAA attempts to clarify liability for property damage between tenants and landlords. As a specialist online landlord property insurance provider, Initio handles landlord property… Learn more

Residential Tenancies Amendment Act - who now pays for damage?

On 30th of July 2019 changes to the legislation around tenant damage and meth contamination were passed passed into law. The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019  will: limit tenants’ liability for careless damage in rental properties to the landlord’s insurance policy excess… Learn more

Why have my property insurance premiums increased?

There are a number of reasons why your premiums may have seen a recent rise. Some of those reasons are associated with passing on costs such as recent claims and securing reinsurance, but the most recent hike will be due to increases in government levies. Levies are charges that are… Learn more

Property inspections - 3 things landlords need to know

The requirement for 3 monthly property inspections forms part of most landlord insurance policies. A rental property that is inspected regularly is less likely to be ill treated by its tenants, and if the property does suffer some damage it is easier to establish what and when it happened. There… Learn more

Save Thousands by Swapping

Initio is loving local real estate ‘disruptor’, Hermitty, the new website that helps people save time, stress and thousands of dollars by swapping homes permanently instead of selling them. Swapping homes creates an even playing field. It doesn’t matter what each property… Learn more

EQC cover is changing 1 July 2019

What is EQC Cover? The initio house, rental and holiday home insurance policies provide automatic cover for earthquake damage, with assistance from the EQC. The Earthquake Commission (EQC) is a Government insurer designed to provide insurance for residential houses when there is a natural disaster.  The EQC does not provide… Learn more

The pitfalls of Airbnb Insurance

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘pitfalls‘ of renting your home out on airbnb or bookabach.  Local councils are cracking down on short term rental property owners, with the result being that your profitability suffers. Like any business, increases… Learn more

Top 3 risks to your holiday home

Holiday home insurance is good but risk management is even better Identifying and eliminating risks in your holiday home is important for the ongoing enjoyment of your property. As Initio insurance handles a large number of holiday home claims, it has identified the top 3 causes of loss… Learn more

Insider Tip #5

Do you know what goes on in your property?  One of our customers suffered a devastating house fire at their multi-unit rental property. Here are some basic proactive steps you can take to protect your property. Check power points for overloading and consider installing additional power points  Install… Learn more

Initio Insurance launches Live Policy

Initio, the first insuretech company in New Zealand to provide instant online house insurance, announces that it has given even more control to customers by launching another NZ first, Live Policy. Live Policy means that customers can instantly modify or add to their insurance in an on-demand fashion without having… Learn more

Insider Tip #4

Do you know what goes on in your property? With Summer on its way, its time to think about BBQ’s, beach holidays, and home security. If you are going away, you should consider storing valuables inside the home or garage and out of sight of prying eyes. A number of… Learn more

Own Home and Contents Excesses

Often when we talk to our customers, and they tell us how much they love initio; unfortunately that can be followed by a but…. The most common ‘but’ we hear is that they don’t want the same excess for their home and contents. We agreed that was a reasonable request… Learn more

Finalist for the Underwriting Agency of the Year

We are excited to announce that initio has been named a finalist for the Underwriting Agency of the Year at the 2018 New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards. A huge thanks to the initio team, our customers and supporters. Also, congratulations to all the finalists. Especially our friends at … Learn more

Short term tenants and insurance

If you plan on renting out a room or your house to short term tenants, there are some things you need to consider. One of the most important is how it will affect your insurance cover. Non-Disclosure Failing to tell your insurance company about the change in occupancy could result… Learn more

How fast is your insurance company at paying claims?

At Initio we use our technology to pay claims. We’ve made it our mission to cut the nonsense and pay claims fast. Our best yet is money in a customers bank account within an hour of us opening the claim. We call this the initio 6 star experience.  … Learn more