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EQC Transition to NHC Toka Tū Ake

Effective July 1, 2024, the Earthquake Commission (EQC) transitioned to the Natural Hazards Commission, also known as NHC Toka Tū Ake, under the new governing legislation, the Natural Hazards Insurance Act 2023. This Act replaces the Earthquake Commission Act 1993. What does this mean for homeowners?  If… Learn more

Preparing your home for winter

As winter approaches in New Zealand, ensuring your home is ready to handle the colder months is crucial. Not only can a well-prepared home offer more comfort, but it can also help you avoid common winter hazards, reduce your energy bills, and prevent potential damage. Here’s… Learn more

IAG Wild Weather tracker, May 2024

IAG, which backs Initio, has shared insights from their latest Wild Weather Tracker. The May 2024 update provides: An in-depth analysis of significant weather events across New Zealand, highlighting climate impacts on housing, with 90% of New Zealanders seeking flood information when buying homes. A six-month weather snapshot: Nine major… Learn more

Initio's Award-Winning Innovation; Smart Claims

Crack the champagne – a toast to our focus on insurance claims! We are incredibly proud to be recognised for our hard work and innovation with the 2024 Canstar Innovation Excellence Award, which honors our efforts in setting new insurance claims standards for convenience and efficiency… Learn more

Pro-tips for property owners. Tip #5: Streamlined insurance

For our final topic, we’re looking at why having all of your insurance eggs in one basket is actually a good thing. Last year’s natural disasters brought numerous challenges for those who suffered losses. Managing multiple claims with different insurance providers would’ve been like trying to herd cats during a… Learn more

Pro-tips for property owners. Tip #4: Holiday precautions

Heading out for a holiday or needing to leave your home for a bit? There are some easy steps you can take to make sure your home doesn’t become a victim to unwanted attention without you. Take holiday precautions When you’re planning to leave your home for a holiday or… Learn more

Protecting your rental property from crime

As a landlord, you work hard to provide safe and comfortable homes for your tenants. But were you aware that a significant portion of rental-related claims stem from criminal activity? In 2023, 14% of the claims we processed at initio were related to criminal actions, such as malicious damage,… Learn more

Can I claim for that?

Do you ever get that sinking feeling that your claim might be denied? Do not worry, we’ve got your back! Here at initio, we’re here to help make sense of insurance claims. Picture this: your furry friend decides to redecorate your living room… Learn more

Pro-tips for property owners. Tip #3: Re-evaluate your sum insured

Don’t short-change yourself Delving a bit deeper into getting your essentials in order, let’s look at why checking your sum insured is a crucial step. Understanding the value of your property is key. In tough times, the idea of lowering your sum insured to reduce your premium might seem appealing. Learn more

Pro-tips for property owners. Tip #2: Your emergency plan

Diving into the next part of our series, we’re tackling how to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature’s surprises. As the seasons shift, weather patterns can change rapidly, bringing unexpected conditions right to our doorsteps. Lately, we’ve noticed an uptick in flooding enquiries from our community, highlighting the importance… Learn more

Pro-tips for property owners. Tip #1: initio has you covered

Welcome to our newest blog series, where we delve into the essentials of readiness and resilience, covering everything from crafting a solid emergency plan to ensuring your sum insured is spot-on, and streamlining your insurance for the holiday season and beyond. However, before we explore these topics, we’re turning the… Learn more

The Unpredictable World of Home Insurance

From Seagulls to Scribbles Life can be full of surprises. This year, our clients’ experiences range from the utterly unexpected to the charmingly chaotic. We understand the need for comprehensive property insurance that covers these unforeseen events.  This year, initio has processed a record number of… Learn more

IAG Wild Weather Tracker, Nov 2023

New Zealand’s Leading Insurer Urges Government Action on Flood Resilience New Zealand’s most prominent insurance provider, IAG, has called on the newly formed government to make flood resilience a top priority. This appeal comes in the wake of insurance claims exceeding $1 billion due to the… Learn more

A closer look at property damage for New Zealand landlords

Rental properties generate income and grow in value over time, but they can also come with unique risks and costs. One common question for landlords is, “What damage is most likely to occur at my rental property?” Knowing the risks and how to reduce them is key… Learn more

It's not you, it's us

A candid take on initio’s approach to you and your home At initio we are ‘all-in’ on customer experience.  We ruthlessly pursue customer satisfaction with our technology, support and communications …. But only for a certain type of customer.  In short, we are not for everyone.   … Learn more

What could go wrong at my rental?

A closer look at property damage for New Zealand Landlords Rental properties, for all their promise of steady income and long-term value can, if not managed correctly, become ground zero for an array of unforeseen problems and potential hazards.  The reality is that damages,… Learn more

Initio Collaborates with Bachcare

To Offer Unique Insurance Product for Holiday Homeowners New Zealand insurance provider, initio, is excited to announce an alliance with Bachcare, the country’s leading holiday home management company. This unique partnership will provide an innovative insurance product meticulously tailored for holiday homeowners. Initio, in conjunction with Bachcare, will provide instant… Learn more

12 ways of protecting your house and your tenants.

Winter Checklist 2023 As the winter months approach, it’s important to be prepared for the potential risks that come with the season. At initio, we’ve observed a significant increase in claims during winter, mainly due to storms, flooding, water damage, and residential fires. Learn more

How Initio Became MoneyHub's Editor's Choice for Home Insurance Innovation

As an insurance provider committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, it gives us immense pride to announce that Initio has been awarded the Editor’s Choice for Home Insurance Innovation by MoneyHub. This prestigious award validates our unwavering commitment to revolutionise the insurance industry and deliver unparalleled service to our… Learn more

One insurer = One headache

While it might be tempting to find the cheapest insurance for each of your insurance policies, it may not be worth it in the long run. Auckland Anniversary Weekend flooding followed by Cyclone Gabrielle in 2023 showed us the worst-case scenario; some families lost everything and are still… Learn more

The cost of owning a house is on the rise

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Homeowners and Landlords are facing significant financial pressure in 2023.  The increase in mortgage rates, combined with rising property insurance costs, has put a strain on homeowners cash flow and the budgets of landlords, who are facing… Learn more

New kid on the block

My first three months at initio Change is as good as a holiday they say, so after nearly a decade at my previous company, I made the leap, dusted off my CV, stumbled my way through the interviews and signed the contract with initio. But now I had… Learn more

2022 claims in review

Another year has come and (nearly) gone so here’s a review of the year that was.  This year, initio processed nearly 45% more claims when compared to 2021. We think you’ll agree, it’s a big increase and is indicative of both of greater rate of weather-related… Learn more

Award winning insurance

Initio recently became a winning 5 star award provider in the 2022 IBNZ (Insurance Business New Zealand) insurance awards and we couldn’t be more proud. How did we win? Our winning formula is our smart claims platform, which empowers customer self-service for home, contents, and car insurance. Learn more

Changes to the cost of home insurance from October 2022

Some important changes will affect what you pay for home and landlord insurance.  The two changes are:   Earthquake Commission cover (EQC)  Insurer premium We explain these changes below:   Changes to Earthquake Commission cover From… Learn more

Are you ready for the upcoming Healthy Homes deadline?

For any new tenancy agreement signed after 01 July 2021 your property will legally have to comply with all five Healthy Homes Standards within the first 90 days. To keep on top of things here’s a reminder of what the changes mean,… Learn more

Checking for meth before buying a house

The hot recent housing market has seen Kiwis buying and selling houses at some of the highest rates ever. While the effects of FOMO (fear of missing out) may make it tempting to dive into the market, we’re here to remind… Learn more

218-1 The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill - how does it impact my landlord insurance?

This week, law changes to the Residential Tenancies legislation is set to strengthen renter’s rights. It aims to transition a landlord’s rental house into a tenant’s home.   Looking specifically at landlord insurance, the change that will have the most ramifications on landlord insurance is the removal of no-cause evictions. Essentially,… Learn more

Loss of Airbnb rental income due to Covid 19? Am I covered by insurance?

Homes that are rented out to short-staying paying guests are experiencing booking cancellations and reduced occupancy (loss of income) due to fears and government restrictions relating to Covid-19.  We take a look at whether insurance provides cover. Covid-19, also known as the Coronavirus has caused major impact to visitor travel… Learn more

2019 Initio Claims Awards

Covering yourself for an unexpected event that leads to damage and financial loss is exactly what insurance is for. For house and contents insurance, you are most likely to think of your typical risks that might include fire, property flooding or theft of contents. However, insurance goes much further the… Learn more