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Insider Tip #1

Do you know what goes on in your property? One of initio’s first ever claims was a large fire caused by a child playing with matches in a wardrobe. While this is rather cliche, it does happen, and the consequences can be very serious. Fortunately, working smoke alarms meant no… Learn more

Policy Alterations now live

Initio has finalised the development of live policy alterations. What does this mean for you? You can now change various parts of your cover including, the property type, the replacement value of the property, contents cover, excess, and loss of rents. The additional premium or refund will be instantly displayed. How… Learn more

Initio Reviews and Rating

So how does initio rate? Pretty good actually. Initio has an average star rating from its own customers of 4.7 out of 5. If you want to see for yourself, what our customers are saying about us just check out our reviews page. Customers are invited to review their… Learn more

Methamphetamine Update

Until the government changes the standard, contamination over the current 1.5mg/100cm2 limit will trigger a landlord insurance claim. It is concerning that the Real Estate Agents Authority moved so quickly to only declaring limits over 15mg/100cm2. Continue to do your due diligence when purchasing property as contaminated homes (over 1.5mg/100cm)… Learn more

Winter Checklist

Each year initio sees a significant rise in claims during the winter months. Traditionally winter is time of the year when we see the most storms, flooding and water damage. Winter is also when we spend the most time indoors. Not surprisingly most residential house fires occur during winter. Learn more

Renovating your home

Your home insurance policy does not cover you for construction related damage while your are renovating your home. For example, if a tradies skill saw catches on fire and burns part of your home your home insurance policy would not pay the claim. Or if you removed a window, and an… Learn more

Heard about TINZ?

T.I.N.Z. is New Zealand’s largest tenancy database. If you’re a landlord and you’re self managing your rental properties, you need to join T.I.N.Z. If you’re a property manager, you probably already know how useful the Tenancy Information NZ database is. Once you have registered with T.I.N.Z. (free for… Learn more

Ex Severe Tropical Cyclone Gita

After causing considerable damage and devastation in Tonga, Gita is threatening to hit New Zealand. Met Service have issued heavy rain warnings and strong wind warnings covering a wide expanse of the country. States of emergency have been declared in Christchurch and Buller. If you are affected by flooding and… Learn more

What is a Gradual Damage claim?

Your initio home insurance policy covers sudden, accidental damage to your home. An insurance policy is designed to help you recover from unexpected losses that can not be prevented.  It is not a maintenance contract, and is not designed to cover wear and tear. With any insurance policy there are… Learn more