Am I covered for damage caused by Pets?

Your policy will cover you for sudden and accidental damage caused by a pet.

The main areas to consider in regards to any claim for pet damage.

  • The damage must relate to a “sudden” and “accidental” event. 
    • For example, if your tenant’s dog was accidentally locked in the property for a short period of time. The doors, walls and carpet didn’t win the fight and the dog caused a large amount of damage during a stress event.
  • Your policy excess applies per “incident”.  If the damage is not related to one incident then multiple excesses could apply.

What’s not covered

  • Gradual damage. Eg, if a floor cannot be cleaned because of ongoing urine damage. This is not considered a sudden and accidental event.
  • Wooden flooring that’s been scratched multiple times over a period of time.
  • Any incident that has happened over a period of time.

In conclusion, ask yourself ‘is this wear and tear, or is this a one-off event?’


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