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Can I insure a house bought in a mortgagee sale?

In most cases we don’t provide cover for houses that were sold under a mortgagee sale because of the circumstances that are usually involved. However we can consider cover on a case by case basis if some requirements are met.

Mortgagee Sales are typically purchased on a “as is where is” condition, and often purchased without being inspected. It’s also common they are left unoccupied which can add to the overall risk of the property.

Minimum requirements to consider cover

We will only consider mortgagee sales for existing clients and you will need to give us information on the following:

  • Purchase date
  • Settlement date
  • Overall condition of the home
  • Whether the current or previous owner lives in the house, if it is a rental, or empty
  • Your intentions after settlement (e.g. moving in immediately, or putting tenants in after renovations etc.)
  • Have the locks been changed? And if not when will they be changed?

Send your details to [email protected] and our team will get back to you.