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Can I insure my short stay rental unit or house?

We can insure your house that is also rented to short term guests (like Bookabach or Airbnb) if it is capable of being your home (or holiday home) and you intend to use it yourself at least occasionally.

Dedicated Short Stay

We are unable to cover a house, unit, shack or crib at your property if it is:

1.  Not used occasionally by you as your home or part of your home, and
2.  Is rented only to short stay guests

If the house or unit meets the above then it’s a dedicated short-stay accommodation unit. This is considered a commercial operation (think like a motel) and our residential house insurance policy cannot apply.

A dedicated short stay should be insured under a commercial material damage policy. We recommend you contact a commercial insurance broker to arrange cover.

What we can cover

We can insure your house where you are the owner and have the the right to live in the house whenever you want. Domestic houses can be insured that are used:

  • solely by the owner, or
  • by friends and family as well as the owner, or
  • by tenants on a periodic basis, and the owner too.

What we can’t cover

We will not be able to insure your house if:

  • it’s set up only as accommodation and you don’t use it yourself.
  • an organisation owns the property which uses it purely for the benefit of renting to members.

If you have an own home that you also rent, see our guide for what can be covered here.

For more information on our Holiday Home Rental and Bookabach/Airbnb guest cover, please see here.