Can I insure an un-consented garage?

It’s common for older houses to have un-consented garages. Usually this is because a garage was added to the house without a full code of compliance being approved. This doesn’t necessarily mean the garage isn’t up to standards and can’t be covered.

To cover an un-consented garage it will need to meet the below requirements:

  • Garage is structurally sound, well maintained and has no known defects.
  • Structure would have met building requirements at the time it was built.
  • If code of compliance was requested, it would have been issued.

If you can meet the above then it’s likely we can provide cover on our standard terms. However, if there’s a loss that’s directly cause by the garage’s non-compliance or because it isn’t built to standards, it may not be covered.

You’ll also need to disclose the un-consented garage on your application.

For more information see our full guide on insuring un-consented houses here.