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How does initio compare?

So, how does initio landlord insurance compare to my current insurer?

That’s a good question…. and one you would probably ask if you were thinking about changing to initio.

Property investors often ask us how our landlord insurance policy compares to other insurers, and while the short answer is that initio is superior, we have prepared a more detailed answer so that you can make up your own mind.

As well providing property investors with a quick and easy digital insurance and claims experience, initio is a specialist in property insurance – its all we do.  So that’s why when it comes to landlord insurance initio provides all-in-one cover for the property itself and the important landlord risks including automatic cover (not costly optional cover) for:

  • Loss of rent (including loss of rent for non payment)
  • Contents
  • Meth contamination
  • Accidental tenant damage
  • Deliberate tenant damage.
  • Extra landlord ‘bells and whistles’ such as nil excess keys & locks cover, replacement carpet cover, and damage caused by pets.

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If your insurer is missing from the above comparison, please let us know.  If we get enough requests for that insurer we’ll review their policy wording and add it to the comparison.

Find our more about the initio landlord insurance policy.