How do I buy my first policy?

Wondering how to get your first policy with initio started?
This guide outlines the entire process from getting a quote to paying for your policy.

It takes you through the basic steps of quoting, customising and changing your cover, disclosing other information and making payment.

Once you have insured your first policy you get access to a personal initio dashboard where you can modify and manage your policies all online.

Get an instant quote – enter property address

Select property use

If you’re uncertain about the type of property insurance that best suits your needs, visit our ‘Choosing Your Insurance‘ support page. There, you’ll find detailed information and guidance to help you make an informed decision tailored to your unique circumstances.

Customise quote and select payment option

Uncertain about the proper amount to insure your property for? We’ve designed a support page that walks you through the essential factors you need to consider regarding the sum insured.

Choosing the right amount of insurance for rebuilding your home is important. This amount should be what it costs to build your home again, not what your home is worth on the market. Don’t forget to include things like fences and swimming pools, and remember that building costs might go up over time. For example, if two neighbors with the same houses insure for too little or too much, they could lose money if their houses are destroyed. The right amount saves worry and money. Tools like the Cordel Sum Sure Calculator can help you figure out how much it might cost to rebuild your house.

If you’re wondering about how much excess you should have on your insurance policy, this support page covers some of the basics.  Many property owners choose to cover minor losses themselves, avoiding insurance claims for low-value damages. If this applies to you, consider raising your excess to $1,000 or $2,000 to save on premiums. Think about what you’re comfortable claiming for and your financial risk tolerance when selecting house insurance. Under initio’s landlord insurance, tenants only cover the excess on careless damage, so assess your comfort level with potential out-of-pocket expenses, and set your excess to match your ability to absorb those costs.

Enter property details


A note about selecting start date of cover; ensure its the same date as the expiry/renewal date of your current policy to ensure cover continuity (or the settlement date if purchasing a new house)

Confirm your details

Complete online proposal form

Unsure if something may affect your cover? Disclose it

Review and make payment

ALL DONE! We will instantly email you confirmation documents

first policy guide

Want to add another property? Click “Add insurance”

first policy guide

Need to make a change to your policy?

Refer to our guide here.

Looking for more information? Our top five mistakes to avoid when insuring property article might help.

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Adding or changing your policy