How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel a policy yourself online any time through your dashboard, and you will be refunded the unused premium.

Simply log into your initio dashboard and select the ‘Cancel Policy’ option on the policy you want to cancel. You can then select the date to cancel the policy from, and you will be instantly shown the refund amount, which will be refunded to your credit card or account with five working days.

The most common reason for cancelling a policy is because the property has been sold, with the date for cancellation of the policy being the settlement date. We realise that the settlement date may have already passed. You can cancel back to a date for up to 30 days, or the last renewal of your policy (whichever is the soonest).

Once the policy has been canceled it will move to being an inactive policy, which can still be viewed from your dashboard and you can still make a claim for that time period of cover.