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Can I insure a middle unit in a block?

Our house insurance isn’t set up to cover middle units. It can get very complicated if you make a claim for damage that involves multiple other unit owners and insurance companies.

What’s considered a middle unit?

A unit in a block of flats that’s connected or adjourning to two other unit’s we consider being a middle unit.

Middle units are common for a block of flats, or where a body corporate owns the a block collectively. We can’t provide cover on any unit or dwelling that’s owned under a Body Corporate, as it’s the Body Corporate’s responsibility to insure the building, not the individual unit owners.

How can I cover a middle unit that isn’t under a Body Corporate?

We suggest having a conversation with the neighbouring unit owners about the insurance they have in place. The only scenario where we can insure a middle unit is if we have confirmation that the other units are insured with initio, or another brand that is underwritten by IAG (such as NZI, AMI or State). This means you will only need to deal with one insurance company if there is a future claim.