Payment and costs

How can I pay my premium?

We have options to pay either annually or monthly for home and contents, landlord or holiday homes.  Our vehicle insurance product is only available with a monthly payment option at this time. Depending upon whether you are paying annually or monthly the following methods of payment are available;… Learn more

Why has my monthly premium changed?

Your monthly premium may change on occasion.  We prefer consistency of premiums – so that’s why it doesn’t happen very often. Why has my house insurance premium increased? For monthly policies renewing on or after 25 February 2022 the total premium will increase for houses located in: Wellington… Learn more

How does monthly insurance work?

With initio your insurance cover is renewed and paid for each month.  It’s a month-to-month policy rather than an annual policy thats paid monthly. Will you tell me if the monthly premium changes? We’ll always let you know about premium changes. Premiums can occasionally change, although we try to… Learn more

Can I pay with direct debit?

Unfortunately we do not offer Direct Debit payments from your bank account. To see our available payment methods please see here. We aim to keep our payment processes as efficient as possible so that we can keep prices down, and pass on these savings to our customers. Learn more

Can I pay my premiums monthly?

You can pay your premiums monthly using a debit or credit card. Our month-to-month insurance will automatically renew by charging your card at the renewal date of your policy each month. If there is ever a change in your monthly premiums, we will let you know. If you need to… Learn more